• Get early learners excited about your weather unit with short texts and videos created just for them.
  • Have some hands-on fun with activities that build motor skills and reinforce each lesson.  
  • Get the wiggles out with weather-related “Dance Break” videos.

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to teach your weather unit. To help, we’ve collected some of our favorite weather lessons from Scholastic Early Learning Magazines. These super engaging lessons include texts, activities and videos that are developmentally appropriate and a breeze to teach.

We predict a 100% chance of early learning fun! Just find your grade below to get started.

How to Dress for the Weather (Pre-K)

My Big World magazine has created a funny and adorable lesson all about what to wear in different types of weather. Start by reading a short text aloud called Dress for the Weather. Your students will love the colorful photos of kids on every page! Then extend learning with a weather video about different types of weather, from snowstorms to sunshine.

Now it’s time for some hands-on fun. Use this weather activity to create sun and raindrop suncatchers out of just a few basic materials. Don't worry if your students need a wiggle break first—have them dance up a storm with our weather-themed Dance Break video. Plus, practice critical thinking (with a touch of silliness) by playing our Dressing for the Weather Game.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb (Kindergarten)

In this delightful lesson from Let’s Find Out magazine, your students will learn about the idiom “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb” and discover different kinds of spring weather. Kick off your unit with a fun weather video about spring and how it differs across the USA. Then read our interactive nonfiction text, In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb. Have students BAAA like lambs for weather that’s warm and sunny and ROAR like lions for weather that’s cold and stormy.

For a fun extension, try this hands-on weather activity. Create two-sided lion/lamb signs and use them to play a weather identification game. Check out the weather lesson plan for more information.

My Wild Weather Day (1st Grade)

Courtesy of Scholastic News for grade 1, My Wild Weather Day is an easy-to-teach lesson all about the changes in weather we experience every spring. Start your unit with an attention-grabbing weather video that’s sure to build core knowledge and excitement. Then read My Wild Weather Day, a short nonfiction text about a young girl who saw the weather change SIX TIMES on the day of her big soccer game!

Before moving onto the extension activity, take a quick Dance Break. Use this short video to get your students moving to music. Now that we've got the wiggles out, it's time for a simple writing activity. Have your students create their very own wild weather stories with this fill-in-the-blank story template. We’ve even included a word idea page.

The Day It Rained Fish (2nd Grade)

In this lesson from Scholastic News for grade 2, your students will learn the scientific reasons behind a wild weather phenomenon—fish rain! To get to the bottom of this mystery, read The Day It Rained Fish and find out how waterspouts suck up marine life and send them back to Earth.

After reading the article, your students are sure to be curious about other wild weather. We’ve got just the thing! Watch this weather video for more information on extreme weather patterns.

For a fun extension, have students create their very own wacky weather report using this writing and role-playing activity.

We hope you love these fun, fresh weather lessons from Scholastic Early Learning Magazines. They’re the perfect addition to your weather unit—and will help you build knowledge, motor skills and, of course, reading comprehension. So spring into action, and share the wonderful world of weather with your class today! 

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