Key Takeaways:

  • With the end of the year fast approaching, you’re looking for ways to celebrate your students and help them carry everything they’ve learned this year successfully into the future. 
  • Sending engaging materials home with your students will help them review and retain those important academic skills.
  • Summer Stay-on-Track Packs from Scholastic Teachables feature more than 60 pages of resources selected to target key skills and be interesting and fun for kids.

The time of year to celebrate all of your students’ successes is right around the corner. And while you’re busy prepping your end-of-year festivities, you’ll also want to ensure your students have all the materials they need to retain their skills throughout the summer.

Summer Stay-on-Track Packs from Scholastic Teachables are the perfect year-end send-off. Each grade-specific learning pack includes support for families to ensure caregivers can successfully support their child. Most importantly, each pack offers standards-aligned review for every ELA and Math standard you’ve targeted in class this year. By following the week-by-week pacing guide and competing short, fun activities, your students will return to school next fall fully prepared for everything the new year has in store!

Summer Stay-on-Track Pack Between Grades PreK and K

Letter sounds, reading comprehension, retelling, numbers, counting, shapes, patterns, and more are all covered in this fun learning pack for students entering kindergarten. 

Summer Stay-on-Track Pack Between Grades K and 1

This stay-on-track pack features activity pages on word families, phonics, reading comprehension, addition, subtraction, shapes, and more for kids moving up to first grade.

Summer Stay-on-Track Pack Between Grades 1 and 2

With this learning pack, students headed for second grade will love reviewing text features, identifying key details, money math problems, and measurement over summer break.

Summer Stay-on-Track Pack Between Grades 2 and 3

Rising third graders will review addition, subtraction, graphs, and measurement in this engaging pack and will enjoy fun activities on grammar, identifying key details, and using paired texts.

Summer Stay-on-Track Pack Between Grades 3 and 4

Your up-and-coming fourth graders will love these fun activities for reviewing vocabulary, key details, fractions, multiplication, division, and more. 

Summer Stay-on-Track Pack Between Grades 4 and 5

Covering theme, key details, text features, decimals, multiplication, and division, this stay-on-track pack has everything a rising fifth grader needs to be ready for the coming year.

Summer Stay-on-Track Pack Between Grades 5 and 6

Featuring engaging summer learning activities on figurative language, point of view, comprehension, decimals, graphs, and more, this pack will help your students get ready to start sixth grade.

The activities in each of these grade-specific packs not only support the key skills that your students have gained over the past year, they’re also fun and interesting for kids! Each week’s activities include review of important math and ELA skills to ensure your students stay fully prepared for the next school year.

All of these packs are free to Scholastic Teachables subscribers. Not a subscriber? Sign up now, and get a 30-day trial, or purchase each resource a la carte through the links above.