Key Takeaways:

  • All year long, you’ve earned valuable Bonus Points with every Scholastic Book Clubs order.
  • Now’s the time to redeem your well-earned points for classroom resources in the Bonus Catalog. It has all the best teacher-approved items!
  • As the school year comes to a close, shop the Bonus Catalog to find student rewards, or restock your classroom for next year!

Want to celebrate your students’ accomplishments with fun end-of-year rewards?

Want to add some flexible seating options to your classroom?

Want to get a head start on restocking next year’s classroom?

The Scholastic Book Clubs Bonus Catalog has everything you need!

The Bonus Catalog is filled with teacher-approved, high-quality items for the classroom. Plus you can use the Bonus Points you’ve earned all year long!

Check out how other teachers are using their points to shop the Bonus Catalog:

Kore Wobble Chair: Kids and Teens
Don’t have one yet? It’s time. Every kid wants to use it? Get a couple! 

“As the classroom environment continually changes, teachers must adapt to the needs of our students. A move toward more flexible seating can be costly, but this is a great option to get started, especially because you can use your points!” —Jana P., 2nd Grade Teacher, Albany, Oregon

Scotch Thermal Laminator
100+ classroom uses. You’ll be amazed you ever got along without it! 

“Have you debated buying one of these for years? Same. Now is the time to get it! A personal laminator was one of the best investments I made in my classroom. I laminate kids’ work, center activities, classroom signs…literally everything!” —Sarah M., 1st Grade Teacher, Rumford, Maine

Book Buddy Bags
Protect your books on the go!

“Get your book and go! This bag is super durable and allows kids to bring their books with them wherever they go! Just bought these for the kids’ summer reading books and they’re soooo excited!” —Amme D., Kindergarten Teacher, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Stay Positive in a Jar
A must-have for the modern, mindful classroom!

“I love this jar! Both students and teachers tend to get a little antsy and stressed at the end of the school year, and these notes are perfect to set the tone for the day. My class loves the ‘question’ cards—we always have really interesting conversations.” —Ashley H., 6th Grade Teacher, Lakewood, Colorado

Scented Smencils
A great way to celebrate all your students’ accomplishments this year!

“These make great student rewards! My kids LOVE these scented pencils so much that I’ve probably ordered three sets so far this year.” —Kyndel E., 5th Grade Teacher, Mobile, Alabama

These are just a few of the many great items you’ll find in the Bonus Catalog. Sign up or sign in to Scholastic Book Clubs today to redeem your Bonus Points and get the classroom resources you most need!

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