With so many new faces, learning about your students and making meaningful connections with each one is often a huge challenge at the start of the school year. Breaking the ice takes time, but with these All About Me poster sets you’ll get to know your students faster—and better—while kicking off the first day of school with a super fun activity that boosts their self-confidence at the same time.

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For students in grades 3-6, this Extra, Extra, Read All About Me! poster set is the perfect way to welcome your kids back to school and get to know them at the same time. With this back-to-school activity, your students will create their own personal newspaper where they share their favorite things, craft articles about their heroes, draw a self-portrait, share the highlights of their summer, and much more. This icebreaker will not only help you connect with each one of your students, but will encourage them to get to know themselves, too.

To get started, encourage your students to brainstorm a few events to write about. It could be a family vacation they took, a memorable experience at camp, or another major event that defined their summer break. Once they choose a topic, ask them to reflect upon all the important details of their experience, from the friends and family members that took part to the emotions they experienced. Next, have your students choose the most important detail and use that bit of information to kick off their exclusive story. Once they’ve personalized their poster, hang it on the wall and share with the rest of your class!

For young learners in grades K-2, this Read All About Me poster will help you get to know your students by encouraging them to share details about themselves in words and pictures. You’ll learn about their favorite animals, foods, colors, books, and more, which will be a big help when you’re creating lesson plans tailored to their interests.

These posters are not only a great way to help you get acquainted with all the new faces in your classroom, they also build self-esteem among your students and help them settle back into the classroom on the first day of school. For more first-day-of-school activities to welcome your students back to school, check out these fun, ready-to-go icebreakers.

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