You're never too young to thank a veteran. So we’ve come up with three great ways your students can show their gratitude right now! From the team at Scholastic Classroom Magazines, these articles and activities are perfect for any elementary classroom, from kindergarten to grade four. Your students will learn all about the people who protect our nation and get the opportunity to show their appreciation this Veterans Day.

1. Write a Thank You Note (Kindergarten)

From Let’s Find Out

Thank You Letter (Template)

Thank you, Veterans  (Digital Magazine)

Here’s a simple template for your kindergartners to create their very own thank you letter. We’ve already included the thank you note, students will just need to draw a heartfelt picture. For inspiration on what to draw, we recommend reading the Veterans Day 2019 issue of Let’s Find Out. It will help your students understand what service people do and why we say thanks on Veterans Day.

When your students complete their letters (students should only sign their first name), we recommend sending them to Operation Gratitude. This organization collects letters, cards, and artworks and sends them right to troops and veterans. We’ve included their address in the letter template above.

2. Send a Poster to the Local VA (Grades 1–2)

From Scholastic News Grade 1

Make a Veterans Day Poster

Hooray for Veterans (Digital Magazine)  

Thank You Veterans (Video)

This hands-on printable gives kids a chance to make a colorful poster thanking veterans for their service. When you’re done, you can hang them in the halls, ask local businesses to put them up or send them to the local VA!

To build background knowledge about Veterans Day, definitely check out Hooray for Veterans—a story from Scholastic News magazine for grade 1. In it, your students will learn about military service and meet an 8-year-old who sends “hero bags” to veterans.  This inspiring story is a great way to add an element of Social and Emotional Learning to your lesson.

3. Donate Supplies to a Veterans Charity (Grades 3–4)

I Help American Veterans (Digital Article)

You don't need to collect money to support a veteran’s charity. Just look at Jackson Bentham—he’s a twelve-year-old boy who started his own food and toiletry drive for homeless veterans. Read the story about him in Scholastic News Grade 4 and we’re sure your students will be inspired to find their own way to give. For more ideas, look for charities online, contact your local VA or even ask your students to research ways your class can contribute. 

Now you’ve got three great ways to say “Thank You” this Veterans Day. For more kid-focused articles and activities all year round, check out Scholastic Classroom Magazines. Our short, page-turning stories are written just for your grade. Paired with digital resources, Classroom Magazines are a great way to build knowledge, engage readers and bring the world into your classroom. Try them in your classroom FREE for 30 days.

Thanks for reading and happy Veterans Day 2019!

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