Every teacher knows the benefit of a guided reading program—organizing similar learners together in small groups allows educators to use specific strategies to optimize student learning. But organizing these programs can be time-consuming—and that’s where these time-saving tips from real teachers come in!

Plus, check out our guided reading book lists for every level.   

Buy your books pre-leveled
Purchasing your books pre-leveled means you don’t have to spend hours sorting them all. Our guided reading collections are a fast and easy way to build your guided reading libraries:

Guided Reading Book Lists for Every Level
Nonfiction Guided Reading Book Lists for Every Level
STEM/STEAM Guided Reading Book Lists for Every Level
Diverse Books for Every Guided Reading Level

Stock your stations with essential tools
Have these tools handy during guided reading instruction:

Highlighters: Students use highlighters to markup sight words and other key words.
Pointers: Pointers are a great way for children to follow words through text.
Magnetic letters: Students can use magnets to spell out sight words.

Repurpose a dishrack
A dishrack makes the perfect, inexpensive holder to sort all of your lessons for the week and any other materials your reading groups may need.

Use a guided reading leveling chart
Guided leveling charts help you find all the books you need to set your students on the path to reading success. Find out everything you need to know about guided reading leveling charts (and how to use them) here.

Use a stuffed toy to encourage emergent readers
A reading mascot is great way to put students at ease in the classroom. You and your students can come up with a name for the stuffed toy together. During the first lesson, let your students know that the stuffed toy is your assistant and that the two of you will be helping everyone learn how to read.

Level your library with Book Wizard
If you library isn’t leveled already, then using the Scholastic Book Wizard will save you lots of time—and help you fill any gaps with recommendations. 

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