Key Takeaways:

  • Back-to-school season is always an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. 
  • To relieve any first-day jitters and to start the school year strong, it’s important to have fun and engaging lessons ready to go.
  • Skill-based and thematic teaching packs from Scholastic Teachables not only help you plan for the first day of school, they also support you all year with lesson ideas and teaching tips in easy-to-access single downloads. 

Between utter excitement and pangs of nervousness, a new school year always brings a wide range of emotions—and for good reason! From setting up your classroom to planning icebreaker activities to getting to know your students and easing their anxieties, there’s just so much to do. But Scholastic Teachables is here to help.

With engaging resources that will make planning and teaching easier all year long, our online shop of monthly, skill-based, and thematic packs gives you our best resources in easy-to-access downloads—complete with lesson ideas and teaching tips to keep you covered from back-to-school through to the end of the year! These packs provide great ways to greet your students on their first day back and activities you can weave into your lessons throughout the school year.

Back-to-school packs to welcome your young learners to the excitement of a new school year.

If you’re like teacher DeShawn Scott from Billings, Montana, you’ll love these Back-to-School Packs for PreK-K, grades 1-2, and grades 3-4. She rates the grades 1­–2 pack five stars, saying, “This is a very comprehensive back-to-school pack. It includes poems, get-to-know-you activities, little books, glyphs, and more!”

With these packs you’ll not only give your students the back-to-school welcome they deserve, you’ll keep them engaged during the first few weeks of school with fun and enriching lessons, back-to-school songs, leveled mini-books perfect for differentiated reading, getting-to-know-you name games, scavenger hunts, and much more.

Monthly packs to keep your students engaged all year long.

Once you and your students are settled into the year, you’ll find cross-curricular lessons, activities, and skills practice that tie into the holidays, themes, and topics that you’ll be teaching throughout the year in Scholastic Teachables’ monthly packs. These packs contain take-home calendars and activities for holidays and other special days each month, as well as timely math story problems, craftvities like rainbow bead rulers, seasonal writing prompts, and texts to build reading skills. Grab them all to keep your students engaged all year long, from the season of spooky creatures, through the snowy days of winter, all the way to spring!

Skill-based thematic packs to support teaching of key topics.

Scholastic Teachables also has skill and thematic packs to enhance your teaching of important subjects and key topics. For example, students learning their letters will go from A to Z with this Alphabet Pack of read-aloud poems, letter practice pages, and mini-books. K–1 science lessons (not to mention math and reading lessons) get a little juicier with this Apples Pack. (Your students will love the apple-tasting activity and the Around-the-Year Apple Tree Hat craft that teaches about the life cycle of an apple tree!)

The start of a new school year is an exciting time. Whether you’re a first-year teacher or a seasoned pro, everything you need for a successful school year is just a click away with Scholastic Teachables Digital Downloads or if you want all these resources a Scholastic Teachables subscription gives you unlimited access to more than 25,000 materials. 

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