Key Takeaways:

  • Providing your students with extra reading, writing, and math practice is an effective way to boost confidence and test scores.
  • Teaching students the bar modeling strategy helps children tackle any math problem they may encounter in testing situations with certainty.
  • Standardized tests focus on the three forms of writing—Opinion, Informative/Explanatory, and Narrative all of which are covered in Writing Lessons To Meet the Common Core
  • Supplemental resources from Scholastic are a great way to give students the focused practice they need to ensure success on standardized tests.
  • Looking for a few extra test-prep tools to ensure student success on standardized tests? These three test-prep essentials from Scholastic not only give your students an edge in readingwriting, and math, but they will also boost their confidence before the big test!

    Comprehension Skills: 40 Short Passages for Close Reading is the perfect supplement to your test-prep practice. These 40 short nonfiction passages and comprehension questions review your students' critical reading skills. This must-have reading resource gives your class all the practice they need to effectively identify main ideas and details, use context clues, and cite evidence from text to ensure success on the reading portion of their standardized tests.

    Writing Lessons To Meet the Common Core meets grade-specific writing standards and provides informative step-by-step lessons to help you model effective opinion, explanatory, and narrative writing techniques. Students practice identifying the key features and purpose of different forms of writing and fine-tune their own writing skills with each lesson before testing rolls around.

    Problem Solved: Bar Model Math encourages your students to solve word problems using the Singapore bar modeling method. Twenty mini-lessons boost test scores by showing students how to use this effective strategy to solve the different types of problems found on today’s standardized tests.

    These supplemental resources give your students an edge in reading, writing, and math and they will also boost class confidence and ensure your students are fully prepared for their standardized tests! For more test-prep and learning tools, check out these other essential teacher resources from Scholastic.