As flowers are blooming and interesting insects are beginning to show up everywhere, now is the perfect time to teach curious young learners how fuzzy little caterpillars change into beautiful butterflies!

If you’re planning a springtime butterfly unit to teach your kindergarteners and first graders about metamorphosis and the life cycle of a butterfly, we’re here to support you with this ready-to-go, printable Butterfly Life Cycle Pack! We’ve collected our top lesson ideas, mini-books, activities, and skills sheets into a ready-to-go cross-curricular teaching resource that helps you create a meaningful learning experience for your students.

This pack provides start-to-finish support and resources, from building excitement for your unit with an engaging science poem, to introducing the term “chrysalis” and other key science vocabulary, and finally writing about what they’ve learned. You’ll also find leveled mini-books (including one in Spanish), life cycle diagrams, fun sequencing games, and other supplemental activities. By the end of the unit, students will have built knowledge of key science concepts while also improving reading, writing, and math skills—all while being immersed in the vibrant world of butterflies.

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