Looking for an engaging read to celebrate Presidents' Day—one that introduces your students to the executive branch of government and makes learning about past presidents fun? In Fly Guy Presents: The White House, by Tedd Arnold, that famous fly and his guy Buzz take students on a whirlwind tour of one of the most well-known homes in the world—the White House.

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    From teaching students about text features like side bars, bold font, and photographs, to quiz-show-style class discussions about the presidency, this book is a great lead in to a variety of Fly Guy activities perfect for Presidents' Day or any time of year. Before reading aloud to students, engage them in a did-you-know? activity to build excitement before entering the White House. Here are a few facts about the White House and its past and present occupants that may surprise your students this Presidents' Day:

    Did you know…

  • hundreds of people work at the White House to keep it running smoothly?
  • that there’s a beekeeper who works at the White House?
  • the President’s family is called the First Family?
  • if a President isn’t married, a friend or relative may serve as the First Person?
  • Presidential candidates can vote for themselves?
  • William H. Harrison was President for only 32 days?
  • George Washington lived in New York City when he was President?
  • James Hoban won a contest to design the White House?
  • British soldiers once set fire to the White House and it took 3 years to rebuild?
  • it takes 570 gallons of paint to cover the exterior of the White House?
  • the Oval Office has four exits?
  • the President pardons one turkey each year at Thanksgiving and the turkey gets to live on a farm?
  • the White House has 35 bathrooms and 28 fireplaces?
  • the East Room is the biggest room in the White House and once hosted a prom?
  • the White House has a bowling alley?
  • many children lived at the White House and one child even roller-skated inside?
  • more than 100 dogs have lived there, too?
  • And two alligators?
  • And a pony named Macaroni?
  • And a hyena?
  • But no pet FLYZZ?
  • President Lincoln’s ghost is said to knock on doors?
  • anyone can tour the White House for free?
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