Key Takeaways

  • Décor featuring a serene color palette can transform a classroom into an oasis of learning.
  • Bulletin board displays, such as calendars, schedules, and class job charts are great tools to support teaching and learning.
  • Scholastic’s Aqua Oasis line of classroom décor has everything a teacher needs to create a calm and focused learning space, just in time for back to school.
  • Every teacher wants to greet students returning from summer vacation with a beautifully decorated learning space—one that is warm and welcoming, and above all supports teaching and learning. One way to achieve this is by tying your learning space together with a serene color palette.

    Scholastic’s Aqua Oasis line of classroom décor, with must-have bulletin board displays featuring calendars and schedules, will transform any classroom into an oasis of learning. And with serene blue-green accents and stylized wave patterns, it’s sure to keep students calm and focused throughout the day.

    If you’re looking to impress your students by updating your learning space with classroom décor essentials that tie a room together, these seven bulletin board displays from Scholastic’s Aqua Oasis line will be a hit with students:

    1.     Welcome Bulletin Board

    This bulletin board is both warm and welcoming. It celebrates each student with their own personalized name card and even features a space for a photo or drawing where students can leave their own signature touch.

    2.     Calendar

    A good calendar is an essential tool for any classroom and this one features simple icons that make it easy to read for even the youngest learners. They’ll always know when the next important day or celebration is coming up.

    3.     Alphabet

    Young learners will quickly learn proper letter formation from the uppercase and lowercase letters on display on this cool alphabet bulletin board. This set is also perfect to use for Word Wall headings.

    4.     Schedule Mini Bulletin Board

    This schedule is a great tool to help introduce students to routines and transitions. With write-on and wipe-off capabilities, this schedule helps students keep track of the day, and a simple clock icon reinforces time-telling lessons.

    5.     Behavior Clip Chart

    Help students stay on track with this behavior clip chart. Coupons and recognition cards serve as student incentives, while two blank level cards are provided so that you can customize the chart.

    6.     Birthday Graph

    You’ll never miss a student’s birthday with this birthday graph. It lets children add their own birthday balloon to create a festive classroom display and helps students learn basic math and graphing concepts.

    7.     Class Jobs

    Doling out responsibility is a snap with this class jobs bulletin board set. Simple icons make it easy to understand so students know exactly what’s expected of them during the day.

    And these are just the essentials when it comes to creating a calm and focused classroom with a cohesive color palette. You can add trimmers, accents, and other helpful charts based on your décor and classroom management needs to transform your learning space this back-to-school season.