From early readers learning about what it’s like to overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve success, to middle school students making a case for getting paid to get good grades, there’s always an easy, time-saving way to teach students nonfiction. Check out these books and ready-to-go resources that make it easy to engage students and improve nonfiction reading comprehension across grade levels.

    Plus, discover Nonfiction Guided Reading Book Lists for Every Level

    For grades PreK–2:

    I am Helen Keller + Helen Keller: Famous American Unit

    In this comic-book style biography about Helen Keller, young readers will learn how Keller’s life was changed by her teacher, Annie Sullivan. Thanks to her teacher’s help, Keller was able to overcome the challenges and obstacles associated with being deaf and blind to become a successful social activist.

    As a follow-up to reading, students learn even more about Keller with this ready-to-go unit. With mini-books, a read-aloud play, graphic organizer, writing activities, and more, this lesson has everything you need to inspire students to reflect on Keller’s life and the obstacles she overcame to achieve success.

    For grades 3–5:

    Journey Through Our Solar System + Copernicus: Text Evidence Task Card

    In this True Book, young readers receive a guided tour of our solar system from famed astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison. Students will learn about the planets and moons and the methods and tools astronomers have used to study our solar system the last 400 years.

    As a follow-up activity, this text evidence task card will help students learn about Copernicus, the famous astronomer who discovered that the Earth revolves around the sun. With a nonfiction mini-passage, text questions, a text evidence helper sheet, and more, students will further develop their critical reading skills and learn even more about the sun, planets, moons, and the stars.

    For grades 6–8:

    Disgusting Jobs + Getting Paid for Good Grades: Text Set

    Even the most reluctant readers enjoy reading about things that are gross and disgusting! Disgusting Jobs is a great read featuring stories about the not-so-glamorous jobs that have to be done one way or another.

    After reading, follow up with this text set that explores whether or not students should be paid for their good grades. This printable helps students analyze the topic and taps their power of persuasion to make their case.

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