Looking for a quick, affordable way to refresh your classroom library and help instill a lifelong love and appreciation of books among your students? From new favorites to treasured classics from award-winning authors, these engaging, high-quality book collections have everything you need to line the shelves of your classroom library with titles your students will love. And the best part? You won’t have to break the bank to do it—each collection is $50 and features 50 books carefully chosen to meet the needs and interests of your young readers.

    Plus, check out this list of 11 essentials every effective classroom library needs.

    50 Informational Texts, Grades K–2

    This wide-ranging collection of high-interest reads is a great way to introduce nonfiction and informational texts to your young readers. From books about pets and wild animals to arctic adventures, these reads will not only captivate your students but will help them develop content area knowledge and build important vocabulary they’ll use inside and outside the classroom.

    50 Informational Texts, Grades 3–5

    Geared for young readers in grades 3–5, this collection of high-interest informational reads is the perfect way to increase your students’ enthusiasm for nonfiction reading and boost comprehension, too. With engaging books about famous presidents, caterpillars, and butterflies, this collection covers every subject and topic area from social studies to science.

    50-Book Collections, Grades K–2

    This awesome collection of titles has the perfect book for every student. Your young readers will find new favorites and treasured classics from award-winning authors, perfect for both independent and paired reading.

    50-Book Collections, Grades 3–4

    Designed for readers in grades 3–4, this collection of 50 books is not only an effective and affordable way to refresh your classroom library, it will help instill a life-long love of books among even your most reluctant readers.

    50-Book Collections, Grades 5–6

    With this collection of fun and engaging reads, your students will have all they need to sustain their independent reading needs!

    These collections of high-quality and engaging reads from Scholastic not only make transforming your classroom library to meet the needs and interests of your students easy, they also make it affordable.

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