Incorporating a consistent mindfulness practice into your curriculum is a great way to promote social and emotional learning in your classroom. It helps students cultivate confidence in life and creates a classroom environment that’s primed for learning. Most importantly, the benefits students gain from practicing mindfulness will have a lasting effect both inside and outside the classroom.

    Taking a few minutes each day to encourage your students to “check in” on themselves and reflect on their day can have a tremendous impact in the classroom and on your students’ lives. The benefits of incorporating a mindfulness practice into curriculum include:

    Increased focus and alertness.
    Students will be more interactive.
    It's refreshing.
    Increased awareness and understanding of one's feelings and emotions.

    As a result, students become more engaged and empowered to learn!

    The MindUP Curriculum is one effective and engaging way to introduce mindfulness to students. It’s a research-based curriculum that provides easy-to-incorporate mindfulness lessons and strategies to help students focus their attention, improve self-regulation, build resilience, and develop a positive mindset.

    The MindUP Curriculum for grades PreK–2 is perfect for helping young learners transition from one activity to another throughout the day, which will lead to more time for thoughtful instruction.

    The MindUP Curriculum for grades 3–5 emphasizes beginning the school day with the best intentions. You’ll learn how to encourage students to “check in” with themselves at the start of the day and how to guide them through deep breathing techniques and mindful awareness to connect with themselves, and one another, to make learning even more fun and engaging.

    The MindUP Curriculum for grades 6–8 encourages students to end the day on a high note. Whether it’s cleaning their learning space with spirit and energy or reflecting on what they’ve learned or accomplished, students will see the value of approaching tasks and work with positive intentions.

    Incorporating a mindfulness practice into your curriculum may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. With the MindUP Curriculum, you’ll have all the brain-focused tools and resources you need to help students approach learning and life with a renewed sense of optimism and engagement. With just a little mindfulness practice, they’ll begin to learn and develop the skills they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.