There's no better time than Election Day to teach young students about voting and the role government plays in your community and beyond. But discussing elections can also be a huge challenge, especially with young students who might feel overwhelmed by such a complex topic.

    To help you, Scholastic offers a wide variety of activities, resources, and strategies. Mini-books from Scholastic Teachables are one effective tool you can incorporate into your lessons. From the Supreme Court to the Constitution, these mini-books will help students understand how it all works:

    Voting and the Election Process

    Perfect for early elementary students, We Are Voters: Write & Read Book (Grades K–2) teaches students about voting and the election process with illustrations, text, and space for writing. Once complete, the book will be a handy resource students can reference each election season. 

    Election Day

    Highlighting everything students need to know about one of the most important days of the year, My Book About Election Day (Grades 2–3) is the perfect mini-book for young students to use to learn about election day, voting, and leaders at all levels of government. 

    The Constitution

    What Does the Constitution Mean to Me? (Grades 2–3) introduces students to the creation and contents of this historic document that is the basis of our government. 

    The Supreme Court

    In Order in the Supreme Court (Grades 2–3), young students learn facts about the highest court in the land: how cases rise through the court system, how the 9 justices work together, and more.

    Scholastic Teachables makes it easier for you to teach students about elections and government in a fun, engaging, and lasting way. These mini-books are available for individual purchase, and are free to subscribers of Scholastic Teachables. Log in or subscribe today to access these and other resources that will help you make this election season a valuable learning experience for your students.