Wondering how to effectively teach your middle school students about women’s history and the struggle for equality? With these inspiring lessons from some of the most amazing women throughout time, you’ll help your students understand the significance of women’s history and make it relevant to their own lives today.

Check out the books and their lessons below! 

1. History is Full of Female Trailblazers 

The battle for women's equality began long ago, and it's important to look back to the early days of their fight, particularly the circumstances and names surrounding the Suffragette Movement. In Votes for Women!, students will get acquainted with American suffragists and the sacrifices they made in order to secure the 19th Ammendment for future generations.

2. Women Stand on The Shoulders of Giants

In Standing on Her Shoulders, your students will take the time to reflect on the strong women that have been pioneers for others in so many fields. From artists to musicians, athletes to scientists and beyond, Standing on Her Shoulders gives readers the opportunity to draw parralels between what they can accomplish in today's society versus what those before them have had to fight for. In addition, this poignant book asks readers to think of the women in their own lives and the influences they have had.

3. Women's Achievements Are Integral to Our History

There is a long, storied history of women in the military and other government entities like NASA. Get a closer look at women's journeys into space in Almost Astronauts, the tale about the Mercury 13. This brave group of women knew that they had the same skills to travel to space as men, and fought through red tape and government officials for their place at the table. Students will love learning about the perseverance and courage of this team of women — it may even encourage them to look into careers in STEM! 

4. Injustice Still Exists Today 

There’s a lot of ground to be made up when it comes to the wage gap and other prejudices, especially in professional sports. Long dominated by men, certain sports were prohibited for women athletes. From basketball to gymnastics, there have been many groundbreaking strides made by women since then. The Women in Sports collection is a great way to introduce your students to athletes of all disciplines and their major contributions to the world of sports and women's place in it. Challenge your students to think about what they would've done when faced with the same difficulties, and make real-world comparisons. 

Making History Relevant

Junior Scholastic is another great resource to not only make women’s history relevant to today’s students, it also helps students understand why learning about the struggle for equality is so important. Get lesson plans about women's history — from sports to the military to voting rights — and bring women's history to the forefront. 

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