Longer texts aren’t necessarily better when it comes to instilling a love for reading among students and improving reading comprehension. In today’s world, students often encounter complex texts that convey important messages and deeper meanings in very few words. So it’s important for students to practice reading short texts in the classroom to develop and improve the critical reading skills they’ll need for continued success.

    Guided Reading Short Reads are the perfect tool for teachers looking to provide students effective differentiated instruction and opportunities for deep, critical reading through short-form texts. These innovative texts are versatile and engaging and teach students the strategies they need to uncover the true meaning of what they’re reading, which instills a greater love and appreciation for the written word. And a love for reading isn’t the only result—these short reads also improve students’ critical reading skills. Here’s how:

High-quality short texts encourage engaged, independent reading.

Compelling excerpts introduce students to different themes and perspectives.

Short-from texts encourage students to read more closely, which fuels a deeper comprehension of character, plot, and structure.

    With Guided Reading Short Reads students are able to engage with complex content and decipher the author’s purpose for writing it, think critically about the themes and ideas that are presented, and learn new vocabulary. Additionally, each short text features prompts teachers can use to encourage class discussion or help students begin writing an opinion or explanatory piece about what they’ve just read, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or in digital format.

    Guided Reading Short Reads Fiction is stocked with short fiction texts across a variety of genres that will engage students and provide them the opportunity to enhance their critical reading skills at every level.

    Guided Reading Short Reads Nonfiction offers students the opportunity to use new strategies to gain a deeper understanding of short, complex nonfiction. A wide range of subjects is covered, as well as text types, and students will enjoy expanding their academic and domain-specific vocabulary. They’re also available for Spanish-speaking students.

    Guided Reading Short Reads Digital provides students with the best short fiction and nonfiction texts alongside interactive features within them for effective small group instruction.

    These short reads aren’t just an efficient way to enhance critical reading skills in your classroom, they’re also a great way to increase students’ real-world readiness outside the classroom, too. Students encounter short, complex texts every day. If they can read them and quickly interpret their meaning, they’re more likely to experience academic and real-world success.