Written by teachers for teachers, Play & Learn Math books are an essential for every effective elementary classroom. Featuring fun games and enjoyable activities, they’re a ready-to-go resource to engage your students in learning core mathematical concepts and are perfect for math centers and small-group instruction.

The brain loves patterns—and Play and Learn Math: Hundred Chart is full of them! This engaging book offers numerous ways to incorporate hundred charts into your instruction for a variety of math concepts. The collection of innovative, creative games and activities are specifically designed to help children gain mathematical understanding and practice using individual hundred charts.

As young children explore numbers and counting, they begin to get a sense of addition and subtraction. For example, when they combine their crayons with a friend’s, they realize that they end up with more crayons. Play and Learn Math: Addition & Subtraction helps solidify children’s understanding of these key operations through a variety of fun games and activities, such as dominoes, playing cards, number cubes, and many more!

Place value is the foundation for learning mathematics and teaches children what numbers really mean. Play and Learn Math: Place Value offers students a lot of opportunity to play with numbers and develop a solid understanding of place value through fun activities that focus on decomposing numbers (breaking numbers apart into hundreds, tens, and ones) and composing numbers (putting numbers together).

If you don’t have a hundred chart for your classroom, you can buy one here.