Key Takeaways:

  • The end of the school year is the perfect time to celebrate all your students’ hard work and achievements.
  • When you recognize your students’ progress, you’ll send them off to summer break proud of what they’ve learned and full of positive memories.
  • These ready-to-go printables from Scholastic Teachables make celebrating your students’ accomplishments fun and easy!

The final days of the school year are always a fun and exciting time for you and your students! Parties, celebrations, and award ceremonies fill the days leading up to summer, providing the perfect opportunity to reflect upon all the hard work you’ve dedicated to teaching and helping your students grow this year. And of course, Scholastic Teachables offers great materials to help you recognize all that you and your students have accomplished!

To celebrate your students’ achievements—yours, too—and send kids off to summer break in style, wrap up the school year with these 3 favorite classroom activities:

Class Memory Books

Memory books are a wonderful way to encourage students to capture stories about all the fun times, memorable moments, and important people and events from the past year. With this Wrapping Up the School Year printable, you and your students will have a perfect template for keepsake memory books, plus 10 more templates for fun and engaging end-of-year craftivities and writing!

Customized Classmate Awards

Invite your students to recognize each other’s accomplishments and talents with this Classmate Award: Draw and Write Prompt. This writing prompt builds community by giving each student the opportunity to celebrate a classmate’s unique talent or skill with a hand-drawn picture and certificate.

Celebratory Postcards and Letters

Celebrate how much your students have grown and all their special accomplishments over the last year with this School Is Over Summer Postcard! (FREE for a limited time, as our gift to you.) There’s no better way to wish all of your students a happy, fun-filled summer!

Scholastic Teachables has printable resources perfect for all your end-of-year celebrations and more! Resources in the article are free to Scholastic Teachables subscribers. Not a subscriber? Sign up now, and get a free 30-day trial, or purchase each resource a la carte through the links above.

While much of your focus at the end of the school year will be on celebrating all that your students have achieved, it’s just as important to reflect upon all the amazing things you’ve accomplished as a teacher. As you wrap up the school year, we hope you’ll take the time to celebrate the important role you’ve played in your students’ accomplishments and all the hard work and dedication you’ve put in to help them grow!

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