Wondering what popular teaching essentials teachers just like you are planning to use to retool, reenergize, and refocus their classrooms in the new year? From helping the next generation of engineers learn all the STEM skills they need for success to planning your year with less stress and more mindfulness, below are all your 2019 must-have resources. 

    1. Guided Reading Book Lists for Every Level

    These guided reading book lists will help all your students fall in love with reading and become strategic and independent readers.

    2. Favorite Nonfiction Books for Grades 3-5

    Wondering which nonfiction books are going to be class favorites this year! This list has them all!

    3. 100 Books That Build Character

    If you’re looking to help students build character and learn just how important caring, compassion, and honesty are in the classroom, this list of 100 books has you covered.

    4. The MindUP Curriculum

    This post reminds teachers that taking a few minutes each day to focus on mindfulness practices can have a tremendous impact in the classroom and on your students’ lives.

    5. Scholastic News Leveled Informational Texts Grade 3

    These engaging, leveled passages from Scholastic News are perfect for test practice and cover compelling topics, such as robot teachers, endangered species, Rosa Parks, and more.

    6. Scholastic News Leveled Informational Texts Grade 4

    Covering topics like bullying, a modern-day gold rush, the search for Amelia Earhart, and more, these leveled texts and passages from Scholastic News will help boost reading comprehension and instill a love of nonfiction among your students.

    7. Scholastic News Leveled Informational Texts Grade 5

    This leveled collection of texts and passages from Scholastic News covers important and engaging topics, such as invader species, hiking the Amazon, drones, and more, to captivate students and help them develop critical thinking skills.

    8. SuperScience Mysteries Kit

    No mystery goes unsolved with the SuperScience Mysteries Kit where students hop on compelling cases like that of the popsicle that won’t freeze, the leaves that lost their green color overnight, and more!

    9. Brain Breaks for the Classroom

    A great way for students to reduce stress, reenergize, and refocus, these 40 fun and engaging exercises inspire learning and increase motivation.

    10. Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Inclusive Classroom

    This informative book will help you understand your students on the autism spectrum and create an inclusive classroom community that allows all of your students to learn and grow.

    11. Character Traits Bulletin Board

    With this illustrated bulletin board, students learn how to identify important character traits and discover new vocabulary to boost reading comprehension.

    12. Active Listening Bulletin Board

    Help your students become active listeners and better speakers with this engaging bulletin board. It has everything you need to help your students become effective communicators inside and outside the classroom.

    13. Kindness Is a Gift Bulletin Board

    A great way to encourage social-emotional learning, this interactive bulletin board has everything you need to create a culture of kindness, generosity, and inclusiveness in your classroom.

    14. We Are Engineers! Bulletin Board

    This colorful bulletin board will inspire the next generation of engineers and help your students develop the STEM skills they need for success.

    15. 100 Task Cards: Text Evidence

    These reproducible mini-passages come with key questions to help students identify important text evidence and boost reading comprehension.

    17. 100 Task Cards: Literary Text

    With these literary text task cards, your students will learn everything they need to know about important storytelling elements like character, setting, theme, point of view, and more.

    16. 100 Task Cards: Informational Text

    Boost your students’ reading comprehension while helping them identify main ideas, make inferences, sequence events, and more, with this set of 100 informational text cards.

    17. I SPY Year-Round Challenger!

    A year-round challenge for your students, this I Spy book is filled with beautiful photographs and challenging riddles to engage students all year long.

    If you’re looking for even more inspiration in the new year, check out these other essential teacher resources from Scholastic.