When students enter PreK and Kindergarten, they often have disparate levels of comfort and familiarity with the alphabet. But you’re there to ensure they master all 26 letters and end the school year as burgeoning readers and writers, ready to turn As into apples and Zs into zebras. 

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This brand-new Alphabet Pack from Scholastic Teachables is specially designed to help you introduce the alphabet, teach letter formation and recognition, and reinforce these lessons with activities and mini-books that your students can use all year long.

What’s Included?

  • An Alphabet Cheer kicks off the lessons on letter formation. Read it aloud and then invite students to join in and consider how each letter connects to words that begin with the same letter.
  • 26 short Letter Poems will help you introduce each letter with alliterative words and playful rhymes that reinforce letter sounds and recognition.
  • The Letter Pages and Mini-Books focus on one letter at a time and provide varied letter practice for guided learning or independent study. Each letter page steps students through upper- and lowercase letter formation, and challenges students to practice writing each letter, to find and recognize the target letter when hidden among others, and to identify words that start with the letter.
  • At the end of your alphabet unit, students can fill out an I Can Write My ABC’s mini-book to show off their letter writing skills and to use as a reference throughout the year as they learn more about letter words and sounds.

All of the lessons and activities in the pack are designed to help your students meet Common Core Standards of recognizing, naming, and printing all uppercase and lowercase letters.

If your alphabet lessons could use ready-to-go reinforcement, look no further than the Alphabet Pack for PreK–K. Your students are sure to have a blast learning their letters and beginning the journey to reading proficiency at this pivotal early stage in their literacy development. Download it here!

Scholastic Teachables makes it easier for you to engage students with fun and enriching activities that save you time when you need it most. This pack is available for individual purchase through the links above or is included for subscribers of Scholastic Teachables. Log in or subscribe today for all the teaching tools you need to keep your students engrossed in learning all year long.

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