Key Takeaways

  • Students are naturally curious about science and intrigued by how the natural world works.
  • Cultivate this curiosity with low-prep interactive science investigations using easy-to-find materials .
  • STEM resources from Scholastic give students the opportunity to explore their favorite science topics in a hands-on way.
  • Are your students curious about science and want to uncover the mysteries of how things work in the natural world? Bring science to life in your classroom by exploring your students’ favorite science topics with exciting, hands-on investigations. From life cycles to weather, these 3 interactive STEM resources from Scholastic feature everything you need to cultivate your students’ natural curiosity and inspire the next generation of scientists!

    StoryTime STEM

    From nursery rhyme classics to famous folk and fairy tales, these StoryTime STEM activities encourage students to design sturdier homes for the Three Little Pigs, a wolf-proof fence for Little Red Riding Hood, a fool-proof system for Jack and Jill to bring water down the hill, and more. Each story features three STEM activities and recording sheets to help guide students through the wonders of the scientific world.

    SuperScience STEM Instant Activities

    Looking for an easy and time-saving way to incorporate STEM in your classroom? These SuperScience STEM Instant Activities, designed for grades 1–3 and grades 4–6, include 30 hands-on investigations as well as digital learning resources like anchor videos and online activities. From physical to earth science, each pack features 15 engaging topics to help cultivate your students’ curiosity and bring science to life in your classroom this spring.

    SuperScience Mysteries

    Encouraging students to solve science mysteries is a great way to inspire the next generation of scientists and help them develop problem-solving skills at the same time. This SuperScience Mysteries Kit guides students through engaging, hands-on investigations to solve intriguing science mysteries. Whether it’s a popsicle that won’t freeze or a stolen tarnished statue suddenly turned shiny, your students are now on the case.

    These science and STEM resources not only make it easy to incorporate STEM learning in the classroom in an interactive, hands-on way, they make learning about science fun and exciting. For more science and STEM learning tools to implement in your classroom, check out these other essential science resources from Scholastic.