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Launching Into Expressions and Equations: Variables and Scientific Notation

In this two-part digital interactive math tool, students explore either variables or scientific notation through a mission to Mars or the International Space Station.



Activity Type

  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

This digital, interactive tool engages students in developing an understanding of algebraic expressions and equations. Students will answer questions based on building knowledge and skills as an astronaut to carry out a mission to Mars, highlighting the value of math in real-world situations and careers. The tool includes two self-contained math learning modules. The first module covers variables in expressions and equations, and the second module covers scientific notation. The modules can also be used sequentially for either reinforcement or extra challenge.


Students will:

  • Write and solve algebraic expressions and equations that represent real-world situations 
  • Solve expressions and equations containing positive and negative rational numbers 
  • Convert between different units of measure 
  • Express and compare very large or very small numbers in scientific notation 
  • Perform operations with numbers expressed in scientific notation

Susan Cheyney

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