The United States has received more people born in foreign countries than any other nation in the world. Coming from different backgrounds, different countries, and for different reasons, people from different ethnic groups have shaped the United States throughout its history. In this classroom research project, Exploring America: Promised Land, students will analyze various accounts of people from different countries who have come to live in America, and will examine the various “push-and-pull” factors that brought them here.

Students will:

  • Exercise research, language, and analytical-thinking skills as they review research materials
  • Identify multiple perspectives and/or biases on the topic
  • Make connections between the historical record and current events
  • Provide details about how the topic is addressed in the HISTORY® two-part program America: Promised Land

Please note:  Immigration has become a sensitive issue in some communities. While teaching this program, special consideration should be given to immigrant students in your class, who may be uncomfortable sharing or discussing their personal circumstances or experiences with immigration.

Teach the Lesson

Students will be introduced to the concept of historical truth and learn to identify various perspectives on a topic as well as build an argument for how a topic should be viewed.


Do the Research

Students will analyze primary and secondary resources to research one of three topics related to immigration in the United States. They will also complete a culminating project.


Get All Materials

For your convenience you can easily download both the lesson plan and the student research guide. 


Watch the Video


Watch America: Promised Land on HISTORY®

The 2-part special premieres Monday, May 29 at 9/8C