Lesson Plan and Activities 

Students will race to categorize scenarios as fire-safety do’s and don’ts in our fire-safety game. Then they’ll dive into nonfiction texts about the exciting clothing technology that keeps firefighters safe. The lesson is leveled for students in grades 1–3 and 3–6.



In this lesson, students will:

  • Categorize scenarios as fire-safety do’s and don’ts

  • Discuss the dangers of fire and how it can destroy buildings and harm people

  • Read grade-appropriate texts and answer comprehension and critical-thinking questions while building vocabulary

  • Take information home about family fire safety and encourage parents to create a home escape plan

Watch the PLAYING WITH FIRE Trailer! When straight-laced fire superintendent Jake Carson and his elite team of firefighters come to the rescue of three siblings, they quickly realize that no amount of training could prepare them for their most challenging job yet -- babysitting. As their lives, jobs and depot get turned upside down, the three men soon learn that children -- much like fires -- are wild and unpredictable.


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