This program encourages preschoolers to explore the outdoors and natural world around them. Following Ben and Holly, stars of the preschool show on Nick Jr., students can have big adventures in their own little kingdoms. Along the way, students will learn about plants and animals near their school or home, while engaging in imaginative play through arts and crafts and other fun activities.

Students will:

  • Identify and describe their natural or classroom environments
  • Learn about why the environment is important
  • Be encouraged to work in pairs or teams to foster teamwork and friendship
  • Engage in arts and crafts and coloring



These lessons incorporate themes of teamwork, friendship, and imagination to encourage students to explore the natural world around them.





These classroom activities engage students in animal recognition, coloring, and arts and crafts, while teaching them about teamwork and the natural world.





Each season brings unique opportunities for families to engage their preschoolers in outdoor activities while learning about teamwork and the environment.




For your convenience, you can easily download all the materials here, including the lesson plans, student activity sheets, and family activity sheet.



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