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Juan Gonzalez

I believe that fortune favors the bold… and the reader.

Howdy from Texas! My name is Juan Gonzalez Jr. and I teach third grade reading, language arts, and social studies in a diverse school located in Dickinson, Texas. This growing city has a lot of small-town charm and history. My school district uses this community spirit to create a welcoming environment for everyone who enters our schools. This feeling of acceptance allows our students to call their school a second home, one that believes in giving them all the possible opportunities for success.

Since I was a kid, I knew teaching would be a future chapter in my life. If you were to rummage through old family photos, you’d quickly find a picture of me holding a book or attempting to teach my younger brothers something. My plans for a life in education were solidified in high school when I joined a program that allowed me to create and teach lessons to preschool students. After teaching my first lesson at 17, the winds of my career began to blow and they haven’t stopped. A teaching life is the life for me, I thought, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Early in my career, I learned that in order to have a successful classroom I’d have to find my own style, one that worked for all students and also fit my personality. I want students to feel as though every day is an adventure — one that’s not only new, but can’t be missed! It’s my goal to make school meaningful, whether through the thrill of an unexpected discovery or the small moments in our daily routine that build lifelong memories. Towards that end, I’ve worked and reworked my methods, shaping the overall atmosphere of my classroom into what can best be described as “an enlightening amusement park.” Underscoring our lessons for the day is my passion for learning and love for each child.

Outside the classroom, I constantly gather inspiration, whether through extensive summertime traveling or spending time with my Texas-sized family. Though I find it difficult to shut off the valve of my teacher faucet, I’ve learned that doing so helps me create better ideas later, and adds to an overall balance in all parts of my life. The single virtue of optimism has become the driving force in everything I do. I believe that whatever you focus on is what will grow; so I make the choice to focus on the good. I’m honored to share my classroom with you and look forward to a great year of growing and learning, together.

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