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Jennifer Solis and Jenifer Boatwright

When I was in the 3rd grade I discovered a love for learning that has followed me through my childhood and adult life. Thanks to my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Walsh, I learned that teachers are some of the most important people in our lives. The joy and excitement that I experienced as a 3rd grade student is what drove me to want to teach.

My name is Jennifer Solis and I began teaching six years ago. I currently teach a 1st/2nd grade combination class in Hesperia, California. I thrive on being able to think creatively and think outside the box. Each day I enter my classroom ready to inspire and encourage my students. My goal is to provide my little ones with a learning experience that is positive, meaningful, and enjoyable.


I am Jenifer Boatwright, and I had several jobs before becoming a teacher, most involving some kind of customer service. I worked for a cable company, a property management company, and a hospital. Although I always had fun and enjoyed working with people, the jobs never really made me feel like I was making any kind of a difference. One day, my boss asked me, “What did you want to be when you grew up?” I knew the answer right away. I wanted to be just like my high school psychology teacher, Mrs. Lachey. On my way home that day I heard an advertisement for a college offering a bachelor’s degree program at night. While the advertisement played, I noticed their office up ahead. I pulled into the parking lot and started attending classes that week. I figured it was a sign that this was my calling.

While I finished my degree and credential program, I was able to get an “emergency credential” and took a job as a reading teacher for grades K–6. The next year I was able to long-term at the same school for the entire school year. I spent 12 weeks in 6th, then 3rd, and finished the year in 4th. I was hired for my first “real” teaching job the next year, in 2004, at Eucalyptus Elementary School.


Together we are known as “The Jens.” We met six years ago on the campus of Eucalyptus. We became the best of friends and have been collaborating and teaching together ever since. We have a way of working and thinking alike, regardless of the grade levels we are teaching. We often finish each other’s sentences and having the two of us in the same room can be dangerous! We are creative, energetic, and excited about teaching. We are a dynamic duo and love what we do.

Our school has just under 700 students and about 79 percent of those students qualify for free or reduced lunch. English language learners make up approximately 80 percent of our student population. Our class size average is 32 for grades K–3 and 34 for grades 4–6. Because of the large class sizes and the diversity of our learners, we strongly focus on differentiated instruction, English language support, and standards-based activities. Our goal is to develop independent, self-reliant, lifelong learners. We strive to motivate, engage, and inspire our students. We are excited to invite you into our classrooms this year and can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas as well.


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