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First Thanksgiving Reader's Theater Ideas

Use these transcripts of interviews with historical interpreters from Plimoth Plantation as inspiration for Thanksgiving reader's theater. They'll help introduce your students to life in the 1620s in the New World.



Conducted with expert historical interpreters from Plimoth Plantation, a living museum of 17th-century Plymouth that showcases the Wampanoag People and the Colonial English community in the 1600s, these interviews are a creative entry point into life in 1621.

Here are three quick ideas to help you get started:

  • Break each interview into short sections and assign small groups to perform the interviews
  • Have students write a letter as one of the characters portrayed in an interviews
  • Use the interviews as research starters and have students write their own original reader's theater skits

For more first Thanksgiving resources, explore The First Thanksgiving online activity. 

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