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Cross-Curricular Connections With Sports


PreK–K , 1–2 , 3–5 , 6–8 , 9–12

When it comes to teaching with sports, the possibilities for meaningful connections are innumerable. Scoring points, statistics, records, and movement lend themselves for sports-themed activities in math and physics. Survey American culture by following national sporting competitions. Use sports to teach character development; teamwork, courage, and perseverance are some of the cornerstones of great athleticism. A lesson in sportsmanship is a lesson in humility — how to win gracefully, and how to handle a disappointment.

Plus, the high emotions, Cinderella stories, underdog hopefuls, and the pressure from the crowd make sporting events the perfect backdrop for a drama to unfold. Choose from a vast selection of sports literature below to grab the interest of any reader.

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