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Constitution Day

Students can use these resources to analyze the U.S. Constitution and develop a classroom agreement of their own.


3–5 , 6–8

A Brief Overview of Constitution Day

Constitution Day, which Congress made an official holiday in 2004, is normally observed on September 17, the date on which the world’s oldest written constitution was signed into law in 1787. All public schools receiving federal funding are required to provide educational programs on the history of the Constitution during the holiday. When it falls on a weekend, schools and other institutions observe Constitution Day on an adjacent weekday.

The Constitution of the United States

In 1787, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and America’s other founding fathers signed the United States Constitution at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. With its seven articles, the Constitution established the written foundation of America’s democratic government, outlined the basic freedoms and rights of U.S. citizens, set limits on what the government can and cannot do, and separated the powers of the federal and states’ governments. Since the Constitution was put into effect in 1789, it has been amended 27 times and has influenced the constitutions of other countries. 

Teach your students about the important history of the U.S. Constitution with lesson plans, interactive learning activities, writing prompts, helpful articles, and more.

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