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May 5, 2010 Embrace Creative Technology With These Websites By Victoria Jasztal

    Do you want to encourage a greater use of technology in your classroom? Whether you want your students to create their own comics, use digital cameras, type information in graphic organizers online, edit photos, or make an online slide show, the links that follow can be particularly useful!


    Creative Educator Magazine: This magazine has a special focus on technology.


    Howtoons: Shows kids how to do different things through the use of cartoons.
    USA Today Article: Teachers Are Getting Graphic
    Comics in the Classroom: Education World
    100 Ways to Use Digital Cameras


    The Hero Factory: Transform yourself into a superhero!
    Pixton: Click-and-drag comics
    Read, Write, Think: Includes graphic organizers students where students can type in information from stories and articles they have read

    For my complete list of technology-related websites at, please click here.

    Additionally, please share the links of any websites that have encouraged your students to further embrace technology, particularly websites I did not mention either in this post or on the link page. 

    Another, more comprehensive, post should be coming in the next few days. Before then, please view the photos from our early college awareness field trip at Shutterfly!


    My students INSIST their photos are awesome!

    Victoria Jasztal
    Fourth Grade Teacher
    Moton Elementary School in Brooksville, Florida


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