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January 22, 2015 Happy Birthday, Clifford! By Tiffani Mugurussa
Grades PreK–K, 1–2

    Who doesn’t love Clifford the Big Red Dog? In my classroom we are preparing to have an anniversary party for him. On Monday, September 24, Scholastic will be celebrating Clifford’s 50th anniversary, and all over the country students will be celebrating along with us. On Monday we will read Clifford’s Birthday Party and watch the webcast of Clifford’s anniversary celebration. After that, we will complete a sentence frame, "I would give Clifford _______ for his anniversary," and illustrate it. We will also be completing a few other activities around the theme of Clifford.




    I’ve listed some ideas below to help you get started in planning your classroom celebration.


    Reading Activities

    Clifford's anniversary is a great excuse to revisit many of his books. Here are a few suggestions:

    Writing Activities

    You know what writing prompt we'll be using, but there are many to choose from:

    • Answer the question, "If Clifford were your pet, what would you feed him?"
    • Create a Clifford party invitation.
    • Complete the sentence, "Clifford likes __________."
    • Write a story about taking Clifford for a walk.


    Math Activities

    For a well-rounded event, work some math activities into the mix as well:

    • Make a graph based on the question, "Would you want Clifford for a pet?"
    • Using one-cup scoopers, estimate how much dog food it takes to fill a bowl.


    School Spirit

    And of course, a celebration calls for preparation:

    • Wear red, paint noses black with face paint, and make Clifford ears using red construction paper stapled into a band with two red ears stapled to the side.
    • Decorate your door or classroom with red streamers and balloons.
    • Have a Clifford read-in.
    • Invite guest readers into the classroom.

    If you plan to participate, don't forget to download the webcast event kit. It has coloring pages, lesson plans, and ideas to help you celebrate the big day. Our class is very excited about Clifford’s anniversary. We hope you will join us on Monday to celebrate, too.


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