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May 18, 2010 What a Year! By Stacey Burt

    This year has been full of surprises and honors. Among one of the top honors was serving as this year’s grades 6-8 teacher advisor. The Scholastic family has been so wonderful in helping me grow as an educator. From my fellow advisors to mentors and support personnel, the journey has definitely been worth it.

    Unsure how this story would end was always in the back of my mind, and as any good educator would, I always reflect on what I have learned (or attempted to learn). The idea of maintaining a blog was exciting; however, the prospect of learning from the readers was even more exciting. It seemed that no matter how unique I thought an idea, method, or teaching technique was, there was always someone with more to add to the concept/idea that made it better for students. I adore that about teaching. The sharing and spring-boarding of ideas that takes place among our profession is so refreshing.

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    Working with Scholastic this year has meant so much to me. Most importantly it provided me the opportunity to reflect weekly on teaching strategies and lessons I had implemented in the classroom. Becoming more in tune with my students’ needs and learning styles could also be credited to my weekly blog entries. If you don’t keep a journal, I would highly recommend logging in a journal (at least weekly) experiences from classroom and life. It is incredible what you will learn about yourself.


    Finally, I have learned that educators are all the same in at least one aspect, at the end of the day it’s all about connecting; connecting with students, parents, community, and most importantly other teachers. One of my closest friends was also my teaching partner for three years. After years have passed and I have moved over 600 miles away, we still talk almost everyday (these days it’s a lot of texting). When we discuss philosophies in the classroom we always come back to what was our motto: “connect first, teach second.” You see, I know it’s all about the connection in the end. So to the Scholastic team I say “thank you” for connecting me to others in our profession that truly love children and what we get to do every day, teach.

    All the best-



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