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May 18, 2012 Top Five Fabulous Field Day Activities By Sharon Taylor
Grades PreK–K, 1–2

    Field Day is a great way to celebrate the end of the school year. It is a time when students can let loose and have fun with all their friends. The day traditionally consists of a variety of events, games, and competitions that everyone can enjoy. These activities should offer physical exercise and help children learn teambuilding skills. To optimize your Field Day experience, read on as I share my top five fabulous Field Day activities. 






    Planning Tips

    When planning your Field Day activities, keep it simple! Implement activities that are age appropriate and fairly easy to explain. It is also important that you discuss with your students the rules and expectations for the day. Clifford's Field Day by Norman Bridwell is a great book to read to your class before beginning your field day activities.  

    Field Day is a three-day event at my school.  Each day two grades have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate activities.  Classes move throughout the school grounds, rotating through various stations. Each station is run by our fabulous support staff and parent volunteers. 




    My Top Five Favorite Field Day Activities

    1.  Relays

    Relays are lots of fun and very easy to implement. Take a look at two of my favorite relay races.

    Crazy Clothes Relay

    Your kids will get a kick out of this hilarious relay.  You will need two sets of a few clothing items such as large T-shirts, sunglasses, and hats.  Line your class up in two teams.  Each student will take a turn dressing in the given clothes (putting them on over their own) and then running to the end of the playground and back.  Once the students make it back, they must undress and tag the next person in line. 


    Egg Relay

    Young students love races!  Divide your class into several teams. Allow your students to race to the finish line carrying raw eggs on a spoon. The first player to cross the line wins the race. 


    2.  Frisbee Throw

    Playing with a frisbee is a favorite pastime for kids. Frisbee games encourage cooperative play and physical activity for kids of all ages. This year we set up hula-hoops and had students throw their frisbees through them. The team with the most frisbees thrown through the hoops wins the game.


    3.  Beanbag Toss

    You can use a professional beanbag toss board or create your own using several buckets.  Place a strip of tape across the ground so your students won’t cross the line. Divide your students into several teams.  Have them toss a set number of beanbags into the toss board or buckets.  The team who gets the highest number of beanbags into the board or buckets wins the game.


    4.  Hula-Hoops and Jump Ropes

    Hula-hoops and jump ropes are easy to use and will keep your students busy while helping to maintain physical fitness.  Grab a few hula-hoops, and you’re ready to begin round one.  Have two or three people, or more, depending on how many hula-hoops you have, start off.  The last one still hula-hooping is the winner of that round and continues to the next.  Start round two with the winner of the first round and the next students. Continue with the rounds until every child has had a chance to participate. 

    Jump ropes are also incorporated into this station.  Pass out several jump ropes and see how many students can jump for one minute. 


    5.  Parachute

    Growing up, so many years ago, playing with the parachute was one of my favorite activities. The parachute is a great team-building activity.  It is also a great activity to use to reinforce color words and math pattern skills.  Students can work together to create a mushroom, play popcorn (throw some whiffle balls on top and shake it), and so much more!  For additional parachute activities, visit Play Parachutes.  


    At the end of our Field Day activities, students are given a small snack and are treated to face painting.  To help them cool down, we usually provide them with some delicious popsicles. Don't forget to provide your students with plenty of water to drink during hot weather!


    For some additional activities, check out these great math field day activities from our friends at Scholastic.  


    What Field Day activities do you have planned for your students? Please comment below!




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