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October 5, 2015 Fire Safety Across the Curriculum By Shari Carter
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

    Teachers typically run short on time and often feel as if they are in a race against the clock. October is Fire Prevention Month (an important subject!) but how can you work it in with all of your many daily requirements? Read on to find lots of fun-filled activities to bring awareness of fire safety to your classroom. There are fire-themed activities for each and every subject, so while your kids are enjoying learning about fire safety, you can take satisfaction in knowing that you can — finally — fit it all in!


    Math: Easy Shape Fire Trucks

    These cute little fire trucks are just perfect for Fire Prevention Month and learning all about shapes. It’s a sure bet the kids will have a ton of fun making these and these trucks will also help reinforce the very important “Stop, Drop, and Roll” rule.

    Materials Needed to Make Shape Fire Trucks:

    (1 per student) My Shape Fire Truck recording sheet 

    (1 per student) 12" x 18" blue construction paper (background)

    (1 per student) 12" x 5" red rectangle (truck body)

    (1 per student) 8" x 2" yellow rectangle (ladder)

    (1 per student) 4" x 4" red square (cab of the truck)

    (1 per student) 2" x 2" white square (driver)

    (2 per student) 3" black circles (tires — students will round the corners to turn these 3" squares into circles)

    Directions for Shape Fire Trucks:

    1. Assemble shapes to make a fire truck

    2. Glue shapes onto background paper

    3. Draw and color a picture of yourself driving the fire truck and attach to cab

    4. Add details to fire truck (hose, truck number, etc.)

    5. Attach "Stop, Drop, and Roll" sign

    6. Count shapes and complete “My Shape Fire Truck” paper and glue onto background paper


    Phonics: Letter of the Week Craft

    Adorable letter of the week craft: F is for fire! What a great way to learn and review the letters of the alphabet. This torn paper craft not only helps kids remember the sound of the letter, it also helps build dexterity and fine motor skills while they are working and having fun. 

    This project is so easy to prep. Cut 1" strips of construction paper in red, yellow, orange, and brown. The background paper is 6" x 9" white construction paper. Then, die cut lots and lots of the letter F!


    Firefighters A to Z is a simple, informative text with realistic illustrations that captures the audience, while highlighting the letters in the alphabet. This is a great book to read just before doing this torn paper craft.


    Shared Reading: Firefighter Anchor Chart

    After reading several books about firefighters, my little kinders and I had fun creating this anchor chart talking about what firefighters can, have, and are. I was so amazed at just how much these little guys know. The nice thing about having this anchor chart is that it will help us when we write our letters to the firefighters who will be coming to visit our classroom later this month. It can also be used for shared reading and because the kids created it, they are always happy to read along with me. You can get the poster words to make your own chart HERE


    Social Studies: Community Helpers

    A great way to learn more about community helpers is by having them come right into your classroom! The kids will love learning firsthand all about what firefighters do to help our community. Just remember to call your local fire department early because they get really busy during the month of October. When the firefighters come to our classroom, the kids get to learn about and see the equipment and how these tools help the firefighters do their job. We are also looking forward to “labeling a firefighter” (a real firefighter, that is) this year! We work a lot on labeling in kindergarten, and this real-world application is going to be a ton of fun for the kids to be a part of! Thank goodness the firefighters are such good sports! When we're done in the classroom, we get to go outside and see the shiny, red fire truck — best part of the day! The fire department has lots of resources to share, so don’t forget to ask them to bring hats and stickers for your students when they come to your school.


    Science: Candle Experiment

    Here is a great science experiment to watch before doing the candle experiment in your own classroom. I just love how the teacher talks about the questions scientists ask: WHAT, HOW, and WHY. It is so very important to introduce children to scientific activities in your classroom, but make sure to ask those critical questions to get them really thinking about the results of these activities. 

    My kids loved the candle experiment. They came up with great conclusions as to why the flames had gone out. We had talked a lot about fire safety before doing this experiment, so they were more knowledgeable about fire than they probably should've been for the timing of this experiment. I would recommend doing this experiment at the beginning of the week, just so that they would have to “wonder” a little bit more about why the fire was reacting the way it was. With regards to the oxygen portion of this experiment, my kids made an instant connection to the Stop, Drop, and Roll rule. Here is a fire safety activity all about, Stop, Drop, and Roll for you to use with your class.


    Enhance Your Lessons

    Let’s Find Out! is an early-childhood nonfiction magazine that I love using in my classroom. My kindergartners had so much fun with the "Fire Truck Song" edition this week.

    The official Sparky the Fire Dog website allows kids to explore and learn about fire safety in a safe and interactive environment. The popular ad-free site features sections for children of all ages, even providing voiceovers for younger children who cannot read yet. The diverse activities range from a fire truck section to seasonal Sparky e-cards for kids to send to friends and family. There is also a wealth of parent and educator information.

    Scholastic Printables has a wide selection of posters and mini-books to promote fire safety awareness including this free Fire Safety Poster. And Clifford has his very own fire safety game that helps kids remember the order of the Stop, Drop, and Roll rule.

    If you are still looking for more fun activities to use during Fire Safety Month, please check out fellow blogger Allie Magnuson's "Fire Safety with Smokey, Sparky, and Sesame Street."

    Thanks so much for joining me this week! If you enjoy my fire safety ideas  please take a moment to share with your friends and family, give it a Facebook like, tweet it, or pin it on Pinterest. Your support is so very much appreciated.


    Have a great week and I will see you next time!



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