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April 27, 2012 Wall Charts for Beginning Readers -- Sarah Bledsoe's PreK-K Class By Ruth Manna
Grades PreK–K

    This month I visited 4th year teacher, Sarah Bledsoe’s, combined Preschool and Kindergarten class at Heath School in Heath, MA. Sarah uses wall charts with a combination of words and pictures for her beginning readers.  To learn about Sarah’s wall charts, read on.

    Sarah Bledsoe’s PreK – K classroom is a language-rich environment, full of colorful books and handmade charts, signs, and posters. Sarah teaches guided reading, phonics, writing, and math. She knows her 13 students well. The children see a lot of one another. “They start acting like siblings because they’re constantly together,” says Sarah.


    Clay and Play-Doh Center


    Tooth Chart


    Class Rules


    Morning Routine




    Lesson Objectives


    And there’s lots of beautiful artwork!


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