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August 29, 2014 Using Book Quotes to Spice Up Your Classroom By Rhonda Stewart
Grades 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

    This summer I was surrounded by words. I really did not think about it because we see words around us all the time. They have become a part of the landscape as we go through our everyday activites. Last week, however, it was different. I was attending Teacher Week@Scholastic  (August 18-21). (If you ever have an opportunity to attend Scholastic’s free workshops, they are so worth it! And they have great dollar sales and freebies!) I was making a purchase at the Scholastic Store and as I completed the purchase, I noticed that the back display wall was filled with quotes from children’s book. This was not the first time that I had seen this, but this time, it struck a cord within me.


    Now my radar was up and I immediately thought of other places in the Scholastic building where words from books/authors are featured in many, many places. Luckily enough for me, one of the workshops that I attended was housed in one such room. The doors include frosted glass panels, on which are etched wonderful, and often familiar, quotes from beloved books. The effect is breathtaking.



    I am always looking for different and easy ways to make my classroom come alive in the “decorating artsy kind of way.” I am, however, what you would call "artistically challenged." Although there are artists in my family, it seems that I missed that serving from our gene pool. I am uncomfortable with all things art. It takes a while for me to think of a color scheme, the right accessories, even creative bulletin board ideas, or how I want the classroom to appear before my students arrive. Viewing the quote wall gave me a great idea of not only adding a little spice, but also as a means of involving my students with their reading. I decided that I was going to “borrow” the idea of the quote for my classroom. The pictures you are about to see are the first moves towards creating this wall, so bear with me and remember that I am artistically challenged. I will be looking for some feedback from my students and I know they will assist in making this quote wall, or as I now call it, “Quoting All Characters,” a thing of beauty. So here I go…

    Crafting Quoting All Characters


    I wanted the quotes to be from books that would reflect the students' interest and what was currently popular. The students will be required to add to Quoting All Characters during this school year from the books that they are reading. The wall can also act as a springboard for writing, especially when a student has one of those "stuck and at a loss for what to write about" moments. Some of the books that immediately came to mind were, the Hunger Game Series, Divergent Series, Diary of A Wimpy Kid Series, The Watsons Go To Birmingham, The Lorax, and Rules just to name a few. After researching the books online, I selected quotes that resonated with me and hopefully my students. I created speech bubbles for each of the quotes. As you can tell, I enlarged the text for display in my room.  I did notice that I will have to play around with size of the text, but for now it will do. I am including a blank template for those of you who would like to try, as well as the actual quote from the book. I am so excited and cannot wait to see what this project will morph into. 

    (The images below are linked to the actual pdfs.)

    Sample Templates



    Cloud Templates


    Quoting All Characters: Display


    Blank Templates


    Pearls of Wisdom — Find an idea and make it your own. Remember, it helps to have visual images to bring your version of the idea to life.

    As always, any ideas that help make your classroom more inviting. If so, please share!


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