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May 20, 2015 Memory Books With Free Printables: Say So Long in Style By Meghan Everette
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

    The end of the school year is full of fun memories for students and teachers alike. I usually make a DVD for each child with pictures from throughout the year, but then a co-teacher told me she has each child write fond memories about their classmates and assembles them into meaningful memory books. I spiced up her idea by making a printable sheet that prompts responses from my very young writers and included an All About Me poster to create a one-of-a-kind memory book for each child.


    about my classmates

    Getting Started

    Print a page of open-ended responses, one set for each child in your class. (For example, if you have 20 students, each child will need 20 pages, so you’ll need 400 copies in all.) Plan to work on this for several days to avoid student burnout. Give each child one page and list the name of the student you are writing about. I had everyone do a paper on me first so I could guide them through the process, and selfishly, so I could have a book too! If anyone asked for help spelling, I added the word to a chart so they could all reference it when needed.


    All About Me

    Students loved writing about their classmates, but they were more excited to tell about themselves. They filled in an All About Me poster from Scholastic Printables. Often these are done early in the school year, but having an end-of-year copy shows how much students have grown and changed. I assembled the All About Me poster, sheets from every classmate, a page for classmate autographs, and bound them with a laminated cover featuring our class picture. I included a page I filled in about each student as well. Our class DVD of photos will get tucked inside the cover. These books will be our parting gift at the end of this year.

    There are several styles of All About Me posters to fit your age and design personality. Everything from robots to newspapers ensures there are plenty of choices. While you are printing, get one ready for the start of next year. Keep it to put with the end-of-year sample and you’ll have a fun look at changes over time.

    working on all about me writingAll about me posterswriting all about me

    Making class books is always fun and a great way to collaborate with classmates. Here are a few other end of year projects to keep your last days full of fun learning:


    Summer Notebooks

    Get free prints to make end-of-year notebook gifts.


    summer notebook giveaway

    ABC Memory Book

    Use the alphabet to remember 26 special events from the year.


    alphabet book

    End-of Year-Keepsakes

    Make some easy, inexpensive keepsakes that families will treasure for years.


    end of year keepsakes

    When I Grow Up

    Snap a picture of each child, and ask them to write what they want to be when they grow up for a fun photo worth saving.


    when I grow

    Learn From Reflecting

    Advocate for a growth mindset using Google Docs and a collaborative workspace.


    reflection with google docs

    What special ways are you making memories at the end of this year?


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