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February 7, 2011 World Education Games Have Begun! By Megan Power

     Last year 2,403,526 students from 236 countries correctly answered 479,732,613 questions and a new world record was set. What a powerful experience to give your students! Are you up for the challenge? It's time to find out: World Maths Day is back!


    Looking for an opportunity to motivate your students to learn their math facts? Want a fun way for students to practice their spelling? Well, for the month of February your wish is granted! Put aside those timed math papers and spelling worksheets and sign your school or class up for World Education Games, a worldwide motivational learning week.

    The World Education Games started with World Maths Day, a FREE worldwide competition where students compete against each other in answering math questions with a goal of breaking a world record. This year it's expanded to include World Spelling Day on March 3rd. In 2012 World Science Day will be a part of World Education Games as well. This year they're partnering with UNICEF to raise funds for your school and schools around the world.

    Don’t wait! February goes by quickly, and you won’t want to miss this amazing learning opportunity.

    My World Maths Day Experience

    Take a look at my blog post from last year about World Maths day. I have been participating in this event for four years now, and I look forward to it every year. From the very first day I got involved, I was hooked on the event. I love that it makes my students want to learn and practice their math facts. It was amazing to see the quick progress and the excitement it brought to children. This event gives students a global perspective and helps bridge connections between them and other kids all around the world. After participating in World Maths Day, my students saw that they were similar in many ways to kids from faraway places. They became much more interested and eager to explore their world.

    Come join my students and I as we unite with children around the world and attempt to break another world record!


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