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October 8, 2009 Teaching Classroom Rules Using Video By Megan Power

    We all have to do it. We all create, teach and practice classroom rules at the beginning of every school year. It is just part of starting school routines. I am always amazed at how easily my students are able to say the classroom rules, yet following them is a different story. Take a look at how I use video with my students to teach them the classroom rules.

    I originally planned to start the school year off using video to film social stories such as understanding personal space and how to work with a partner. Last year I came across a great class movie made by Mrs. Winkle’s Kindergarten called Kinder Rules. This movie was nominated for a San Diego County iVIE Award. Click here to view this great video. (Scroll down to K-2 and click on Kinder Rules) Instead of our social stories, my class decided they wanted to create our own classroom rules movie to help us better remember and follow our rules inspired and based off of Mrs. Winkle’s class movie. (I am still planning on trying some social stories on video after seeing which social issues my students need support with.)

    Here is how we did it:

    1. We watched the other rules movie and decided that we liked their rules.
    2. Then we came up with the story idea that Mrs. Power has a crazy class and new students come to help the class.
    3. Next we filmed our crazy classroom and other clips of Mrs. Power feeling frustrated.
    4. Then we decided who would play the costume parts.
    5. We had to plan out each little scene where we broke the rule, the animal did it right, Mrs. Power pointed out the correct way, and then the whole class did it correctly.
    6. After we filmed all of these parts. Our principal came in to help film the introduction of new students.
    7. Then we took a picture of our whole class for the end of our movie.
    8. For this movie Mrs. Power edited the movie using Pinnacle Studio 12.
    9. Finally, we shared it with our wonderful parents.

    There are many benefits of using video to teach things as simple as classroom rules. First of all, students become passionate and invested in their movie. You clearly see a difference in motivation and performance when using video with students. Because they are actually participating and creating the movie, they truly remember the content being taught. With storyboarding and filming students are forced to understand, analyze, and evaluate what they are creating. An added benefit is because it is on film, I can easily show it to remind my students of our classroom rules! They love seeing themselves and are so proud of their work.

    We would love to learn from you and hear how you teach your classroom rules.


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