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September 3, 2009 Everyday's a Celebration: Historical and Wacky Holidays in September By Megan Power

    In PreK and Kindergarten we love to celebrate! Typically teachers celebrate the major holidays along with the 100th day of school and author birthdays. Come take a look at some of the other fun holidays you can celebrate with children in September!

    Here are some of the Wacky and historical holidays in September with a few ideas for activities. There are so many great ideas and ways to use these holidays in your teaching. Please share your ideas with us.

    September 7th- Labor Day

    Use this as a way to teach community helpers. has a wonderful online activity to use with students where you meet some community workers and learn about their jobs.

    Assign classroom jobs

    September 9- Teddy Bear Day

    Background- Teddy Bears were named after our USA president Theodore Roosevelt. In 1902 President Roosevelt went on bear hunt in Mississippi. He refused to shoot a bear that was tied up to a tree because he felt it was not fair. This incident was created into a cartoon and published in the newspapers. A toymaker saw the drawing and created “Teddy’s Bear”


    Craft- Crinkle bear (idea submitted by Jules Trandem and Alex Sullivan)

    Materials- paper grocery bag for each child, pillow stuffing, bear eyes, nose, and paw pads


    • Have an adult trace and cut out a bear share on each bag. This will make 2 bears for each child.
    • Have the students crunch the bear for about 10 minutes a day for about 2 weeks. This is great small motor skills practice. Alex suggests crunching while sitting around talking or singing songs.
    • Lay the bears flat overnight.
    • Have students glue on the extra bear paper parts. (eyes, nose)
    • With the help of an adult students glue the teddy bears together leaving the top open.
    • The next day students stuff the bear and glue the top close.
    • Enjoy your special teddy bear!

    IMG_0314 IMG_0315

    September 10- Swap Ideas Day

    A perfect day to have students share their ideas.

     Pose questions: How can you help yourself? How can you help our classroom? The school? The world?

    September 11- Patriot Day

     Background- Remembering the 2001 World Trade Center Attack

    This is a great day to work on the Pledge of Allegiance and USA Symbols. It is also a good time to talk about your classroom community and helping people.

    September 13th- Grandparents Day

    Invite the grandparents to join into your class. You can sing songs for them, do a craft together, or have your students hear stories from when they were kids.

    September 14- Star Spangled Banner Day

    Background- Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner as he was watching the battle of Fort McHenry. He brought letters to the British soldiers to try to convince them to free Dr. Bones. The soldiers agreed to free him after they attacked Fort McHenry. The song is all about how Francis watched to see if the American flag was still in the air showing they won the battle.

    This is a great time to talk about how writing is very powerful and how writers write about what they see. Have students go out and watch other student on the playground and draw and write what they see. Another idea is to create paper flags and wave them proudly while singing the Star Spangled Banner.

    September 15- Tomie dePaola’s birthday & Make a Hat Day.

    September 16- Collect Rocks Day

    Have students collect rocks. Then sort rocks by size, shape, color, and texture.

    Paint a rock pet

    September 17- Constitution Day/ Citizenship Day

    Background- In 1787 our forefathers signed the Constitution.

    Talk with your students about your class rules or character counts traits. Have each kid sign their name agreeing to the rules or traits.

    September 22- Ice Cream Cone Day & The 1st day of fall

    Background- Charles E. Minches is credited for inventing the ice cream cone at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904. Italo Marchiony filed a patent for the ice cream cone months before the fair.

    Activity- Have the students pretend they are opening a movie theater and their popcorn bags never got ordered. What type of container can they come up with to sell popcorn? Have students work in teams to problem solve.

    September 26- Johnny Appleseed Day

    Background- John Chapman planted apple seeds as he moved west. His story became legend.

    My students do a whole apple week with taste graphing, apple tree seasons, and much more. I will share more in a future blog.

    September 30- Safety pin invented

    Discuss what you can use a safety pin for or have your students create their own invention and share it with the class.

    Have fun celebrating through September! Please share about these or other historical and wacky holidays.


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