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January 31, 2011 Give Your Students a Voice With VoiceThread By Megan Power
Grades PreK–K, 1–2

    VoiceThread is a Web 2.0 tool for online group conversation, collaboration, and sharing, and it's sure to be a winner in the classroom. This tool is great whether it is used with one computer or many, with advanced students or English language learners. Although I've used VoiceThread for about four years, I continue to come up with new ways to incorporate it into my classroom to enhance or assist with instruction. Come take a look at an example of a VoiceThread created by my kindergarten class and at a video sharing ways I use this tool in my classroom. Plus, get authentic practice by participating in a VoiceThread right here on our blog!


    Classroom Example of VoiceThread

    Take a look at a VoiceThread on adjectives my kindergartners did a few days ago. Add your own adjectives by clicking "comment" and selecting your preferred method.

    Uses of VoiceThread

    I have used VoiceThread in all subject areas and with all levels of learners for several years now. For some ideas of how you can integrate this tool into your curriculum, take a look at this video from several years ago sharing ways I have used this tool. This video was created by Linda Foote, one of Poway Unified’s technology integration specialists.


    The uses and benefits of this Web 2.0 tool are infinite, and students love it. It is engaging and holds each student accountable for participating. After being part of several VoiceThreads, my kindergarten students and I evaluated the tool together.

    Feedback from the mouths of kindergartners:

    • “We all get to share when we use VoiceThread.”

    • “I like the pictures and the videos. They help me to learn.”

    • “When I do a VoiceThread, I can go a little faster, and I don’t have to wait for other kids. After I am done, then I go back and listen to other kids’ answers.”

    • “It is so cool that I get to see and hear all of my friends and what they are saying.”

    • “I like to listen to what other people say, and it helps me to think about what I have to say.”

    • “I don’t feel like I have to rush. I usually work slower because it helps me to think better.”

    • “I like that I can choose to comment with my Webcam, my microphone, or by typing.”

    • “VoiceThread is soooooooooo fun! I wish I could do it every day!”

    You just heard it: 21st century students speaking out. Looking closely at their responses, I notice that they love this tool because it lets them work at their own pace, it is engaging and fun, and they get to share and collaborate with each other. How do you think this tool can be used in your classroom? Join in on our VoiceThread below to share your ideas and collaborate with other teachers around the world! (To participate, click "comment" and then select your preferred method of responding.)




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