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February 19, 2010 Cut Your Report Card Comment Writing Time in Half By Megan Power

    Does your "To Do" list look like this around report card time? Do you procrastinate or dread writing comments for your students' report cards because they take so long? If you would like to cut down on the time and frustration spent writing comments, take a look at this free program called Teachers Report Assistant. I have included two "how to" videos in this post to get you started.

    The narrative comments section on report cards is an important parent communication piece. It is a place where you can explain in better detail what the numbers or letters on the report card might not. With that in mind, we as teachers know that we need to make sure this narrative piece is written well. This is where many teachers spend hours writing paragraphs for each of their students. It does not have to be that way any longer!

    A few years ago I came across this wonderful free program called Teachers Report Assistant. Since using this program I have cut my comment writing time by more than half, yet still have quality comments to send home to my students’ parents. Take a look at this "video how to" using Jing to see how quickly I can write a child’s comments using this program.

    If after watching the video you feel like you're ready to give this free program a try, then take a look at the "video how to" below using Jing where I take you through the steps of setting up your comment bank. It takes a little time to customize the program, but it will save you precious time and frustration for years to come. I continue to build on my comment bank each year which gives me a wonderful collection to choose from as I think about each of my students.

    Here are a few good resources for you as you are building your comment bank:

    Favorite Words, Phrases for Report Card Writers

    Six Steps to Writing Thoughtful Report-Card Comments

    Report-Card Writing Strategies for First-Timers

    0439531365_lg 201 Just Right Words: Report Card Comments 

    I would love to hear places where you find comments you use on your report cards as well as feedback on Teachers Report Assistant. I hope you love it as much as I do!


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