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January 29, 2014 Valentine's Day Mustache Bash By Lindsey Petlak
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

    Want to throw a class Valentine’s Day party that is fan-TACHE-tic? Check out these amazingly fun, sweet, and downright silly mustache-themed Valentine’s ideas. Tie in curricular connections to questioning, and enjoy your class ‘stache-bash without a lot of heartache planning!


    Mustache Mania

    Like my fellow Top Teaching blogger, Brian Smith, I have a slight obsession with mustaches. I don’t know what it is, but I love the silly mustache trend!! Before the big day of the Valentine’s Day party, tie in curricular goals such as questioning skills using the mustache theme to set the stage for the upcoming party while still remaining academic. Check out Brian’s blog post on Mustache Mondays for inspiration and ideas galore! For more mustache mania, check out the plethora of FREE downloads I found for everything from classroom décor to mustache measurement!


    Mustache Measurement FREE DOWNLOAD by Dana Clark

    Fan-TACHE-tic Party Planning

    Last year, finding mustache decorations was a bit difficult, but this year, Valentine’s Day mustache items can be found EVERYWHERE. Check out my source guide for fabulous products and perfect pricing.

    Anders RuffI love everything about Anders Ruff and use their instant printable party downloads for personal and school events. Last year I stumbled upon their "Mr. and Miss Mustache Valentine’s Day Printables for Boys and Girls” kit and instantly swooned. This mega pack of party printables has everything you could ever need for your party (and more!) as well as Valentine’s cards to give your students. For $12.50, the time and effort it saved me from running all over trying to piece items together from different stores was well worth it!

    Hobby Lobby: If you are a teacher and have never been to Hobby Lobby you are seriously missing out and must go. I cannot get enough of Hobby Lobby, and could spend hours upon hours and loads of cash in this store! Luckily, nearly everything is on sale bi-weekly. Download their free app for weekly discounts and 40 percent off coupons! Right now, they have TONS of well-priced mustache-themed party goodies. From pencils, to craft items, to decorations, you could really hit the jackpot with this shopping trip!

    Oriental Trading Company: This is another staple source for party products for me. You will be blown away by Cupid’s treasure trove of mustache-themed party supplies available online and in their catalog. Watch for super sales and free shipping promotions!


    Wet Your Whistle (Beverages)

    I LOVE the mustache straws from Oriental Trading Company. Perfect pairing for the sweet-sipping beverages!


    You Melt My Heart (Snacks)

    I had a great small chocolate fountain from Amazon that I thought would be perfect for Valentine’s Day chocolate fondue! If you don’t have a chocolate fountain, a crockpot will work just fine. Melt chocolate in the fountain or crockpot and provide a variety of fun (and even healthy) dipper options. We used the following yummy goodies: 

    • Pretzel sticks/rods

    • Jumbo (heart-shaped) marshmallows

    • Fresh pineapple

    • Fresh strawberries

    • Angel food cake bites

    • Rice Krispies squares bites

    • Skinny Pop (popcorn) drizzled with melted chocolate



    Pin the ‘Stache (Game)

    Using mustache magnets or window clings, blindfold your students and have them try to “pin the ‘stache” on an image of your choice. We used photos of my son last year, and the kids loved it! It’s a new, silly spin on an old party favorite!



    Old-Fashioned Photo Booth (Activity/Keepsake)

    Using this great retro-themed photo booth app called Pocketbooth by Project Box ($0.99) and fabulously glittered vintage-looking props from Hobby Lobby, we created amazing printable keepsakes for each child! Students, teachers, and room parents throwing the party had a BLAST, and each child was given a printed copy of their filmstrip of photos.





    Simply Fab Valentines Boxes (Craft)

    Using cardboard gable/favor boxes from Hobby Lobby or plain paper treat bags, students use foam Valentine’s shape stickers, markers, and any other crafty items you allow to decorate custom boxes (or bags) to store their Valentines in. This is a useful craft-ivity!




    Be a Party Planning Pro

    • Pick and choose a few of your favorite ideas for activities and snacks from above. Join forces with parent volunteers to gather supplies, prep food for snacks, and supervise each station at your party.

    • Bring your party plans to life by rummaging through supplies you may already have at home and school before you ask for donations. I found melting chocolate, sprinkles, pretzel sticks, foam hearts, and other materials just by digging through what I already had!

    • I have found online volunteer and supply websites like Sign Up Genius and Volunteer Spot to be the answer to my party planning prayers! Put everything you need from people-power, to party supplies, and even monetary donations on these sites. Read my Mad Science Halloween Party post to learn more about leveraging this technology for your party planning needs!


    I "MUSTACHE" you to let me know how YOUR Valentine's Day party goes!

    Leave a comment with all the details!

    Want to keep up with my classroom happenings? SUBSCRIBE to my blog posts to stay in the loop.

    Thanks for reading, and see you next week!


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