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November 6, 2013 Scholastic Book Wizard Goes Mobile By Lindsey Petlak
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

    The Scholastic Book Wizard offers a searchable database of over 50,000 books from all publishers as well as a huge selection of teaching resources to help you match the right books to your students. Plus, you can search, create, and save book lists and purchase books through the Teacher Store. This tried-and-true teacher must-have resource has just gone mobile with a free app, taking book information access and book list-making capabilities to a whole new level! If you're already familiar with Book Wizard, go straight to the description of Book Wizard Mobile.



    Book Wizard Web

    Do you currently use the Scholastic Book Wizard? If so, you know what a terrific teacher tool it is. If not, please allow me to introduce you to your favorite new teacher resource.   

    Book Search Options Include:

    • General quick search

    • Similar books search

    • Reading level search

    Search Results Provide:

    • Capability to refine search by interest level, grade level, reading level, book type, or topic.

    • See only titles available for purchase in the Teacher Store.

    • Text match information includes title, author, summary, and leveling information.

    • Add results to your book list, Teacher Store shopping cart, or find more similar titles.

    Book Lists:

    • Create lists for classroom library, small groups, or individual students.

    • Add personalized comments to lists and titles.

    • Sort lists by author, title, or reading level.

    • Share lists with students, parents, and other teachers by emailing or printing.

    Learn more about the original Scholastic Book Wizard online by watching this tutorial.


    Book Wizard Mobile

    Now that Book Wizard has gone mobile, the possibilities for being more effective and efficient in managing your classroom library and creating customized book lists are endless! See the information below for specifics on this new app and start imagining all of the ways you will benefit from using it.

    For me, the ability to SCAN bar codes on the backs of books and instantly use my iPad or iPhone to get text information and make book lists is PRICELESS! Get Scholastic's Free Book Wizard Mobile in the App Store.



    Watch this tutorial of Book Wizard Mobile for key features and FAQs.

    Want to see the new Book Wizard app in action? 

    Take a peek as I use the mobile version to search titles, instantly scan the bar codes of books to add to my library, create new book lists, and share titles and lists with students and parents.

    Have you tried out the new Book Wizard Mobile App? 

    • If so, let us know how you’re using it in your classroom.

    • If not, give it a try and let me know what you think!

    • How could Scholastic improve the app? We would love your feedback!

    Thank you for reading and be sure to sign up to subscribe to my weekly blog posts!


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