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May 28, 2014 Farewell and Looking Forward By Lindsey Petlak
Grades 3–5

    Farewell to my freshman year of being both a Scholastic Top Teaching blogger and a fourth grade teacher. They have been amazing experiences and I look forward to returning to each of them next school year. Now is the time that teachers say goodbye to the current school year and start planning ahead for next fall (no groans!). Read on to get a sneak peek of my classroom layout, blog post plans, and more.



    First Time Blogger

    What an amazing experience it has been to serve as a Top Teaching blogger this year! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have this opportunity. At first it was a huge challenge, but as the year went on, I found my stride and am now a blogging addict. Here are a few of my favorite things about being a first-time blogger (maybe they will inspire you to start blogging next school year!):

    • It was a fabulous, new professional challenge.

    • I have met some of the most wonderful, inspiring, kind, and caring colleagues on the Top Teaching blog team.

    • Writing about my classroom on a weekly basis has caused me to take time to reflect on my practices on a regular basis.

    • Often I focus on what did NOT go perfectly in a day or week, but blogging helped me share the positive points from my teaching.

    • I loved hearing feedback and comments from all of you — our readers!


    Looking Ahead to Next Year

    • Classroom setup tips

    • Fun ideas for Scholastic books

    • Class celebrations

    • Field days

    • Office makeover . . . finally . . . hopefully

    • Tech tips, tricks, and techniques

    • Much, MUCH more!

    Ending My First Year in Fourth Grade

    We are in crunch time at my school, and the clock is ticking on packing up our rooms. Summer camp starts immediately after our school ends (due to heat and snow days) which means we have to be totally packed up before leaving the last day. Here’s what I have left to do:

    • Sort through old papers, file, recycle, shred

    • Clean, clean, clean!

    • Give away and throw away anything I don’t currently use or need

    • Organize my centers before packing up

    • Organize my library before packing up

    • Cover all bulletin board and wall displays with black painting tarps or $1.00 plastic tablecloths for summer protection

    • Bag up loose items and tie shut for protection against any creepy crawlers over the summer

    • Pack everything away in boxes and label them for easy unpacking at end of summer

    • Order NEW BOOKS for library and class use next year from Scholastic!


    With summer just around the corner, I can’t wait for both relaxing and exciting vacation plans. This year, I get to celebrate a family wedding, take a 10-year anniversary trip to Mexico, attend a teaching conference, rest, relax, and play tons with my little guy! Hope you have big summer plans, as well. Enjoy your time off, and see you next school year in August!



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