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March 25, 2015 Classroom Spring Clean and Spruce Up By Lindsey Petlak
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

    I don’t know about you, but somehow from January until spring break, my classroom, office, and everything else in my path seems to become a disaster zone, despite my best efforts, and the best efforts of my students. This week marks my spring parent/teacher conferences. We are finishing up student ePortfolios, and I’m already thinking about my goals for next week while I’m on spring break. Aside from relaxation and quality family time, spring cleaning and sprucing up are at the top of my list.

    I’m a fairly organized and a germ-a-phobe by nature, so I sometimes run out of ideas for how to have a “fresh start” with cleaning and organizing. Recently, however, I fond some new tricks. After combing through some past blog posts and checking out the March Month by Month, I’m having no trouble filling out my to-do list and finding lots of new ideas for coming back from break to a clean and organized classroom. Check out my spring cleaning must-haves below for tips, tricks, and techniques for a fresh start in April!

    "Classroom Cleaning Games"

    by Meghan Everette

    I think it’s important for students to have ownership over their classroom, and that includes cleaning up and organizing. I’ve tried lots of clever tricks over the years, but Meghan Everette offers up some fresh, fun ways to get students involved in spring cleaning in this post featured on the March Month by Month site. Check it out!

    "Whiteboard Renewal"

    by Meghan Everette

    Don’t you just HATE when your classroom or individual whiteboards get dingy, dark, and gross? I sure do. As much as it bothers me, I rarely have time to remedy the situation. So I figure just before, and during spring break are the perfect times to add this to my spring cleaning to-do list. The great news is that it’s so easy to implement these tips and tricks that my kiddos can help out, too!

    "Consolidate Closets"

    by Meghan Everette

    I have closets, cabinets, and shelving that desperately need to be cleaned and organized this time of year. Thanks to tips from Meghan, I feel like I might be able to tackle them in the next week or so. Some simple organizing tasks will mean easier to access storage that I’ll likely get much more use out of for the remainder of the year!

    "Guided Reading Organization"

    by Genia Connell

    Having taught three grades in the last four years means that my guided reading has looked very different along the way. Now that I’ve (hopefully) settled down in fourth grade, I need to weed out, organize, and improve my guided reading materials to best fit my current and future fourth grade needs.

    "Word Workshop Tool"

    by Genia Connell

    I love this new free tool from Scholastic. For spring cleaning purposes, I see myself using this super-simple tool with endless application possibilities for labeling book bins and student supply storage for the final trimester of this year.  How will YOU use this amazing new tool?


    I always start the year out right: nicely organized, cleverly kept, and fabulously filed away, so sometimes it does me good to revisit my own older blog posts and heed my own advice for keeping things neat and tidy!

    Throw back Thursday Wednesday means checking out just how much of a wreck my room was this time last year, and what my spring break/cleaning aspirations were. See more tips for cleaning house and getting a fresh start when returning from your break by reading my post from last year!

    Check out these easy, inexpensive, and unexpected tips, tricks, and fun finds for clever classroom storage solutions! Organization doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Read on for ways to tidy up in a snap!

    Part two of my classroom storage solutions provides suggestions for thrift store finds, repurposing goodies you already own, and looking at storage containers with a new perspective to find the best uses for them.

    Do you have some spaces in your room that are just EYESORES no matter how you try to organize them? Don’t worry, I do too. In fact, we ALL do. See how I tried to tackle my ugliest classroom spaces.

    PLEASE tell me that I’m not the only one who feels like they need a major cleaning and organizing overhaul this time of year! If you are in my shoes, please check out the helpful hints from my fellow bloggers in this post and let me know how they work for you! Thanks for reading, happy cleaning, and see you next week!


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