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April 16, 2012 Celebrating and Learning About Earth Day Through Interactive Web Sites and Readings By Jeremy Rinkel
Grades 9–12

    Since April 22, 1970, we have made many strides in protecting our environment, but much more could be done. Teaching our students the importance of taking care of our environment is very important. Continue reading for resources and activities to celebrate and learn more about Earth Day in your classroom.


    Earth Day Readings

    Help your students get informed about Earth Day and environmental issues with this selection of key readings from the history of the environmental movement.


    Silent Spring

    Silent Spring by Rachel Carson brought to light the environmental impact of the use of chemical pesticides. Some experts argue that Silent Spring was the beginning of the environmental movement. This Silent Spring Web page from Indiana University provides additional background material on the book.

    Senator Gaylord Nelson's Speech

    On April 22, 1970, Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, delivered a speech encouraging Americans to become more involved in environmental issues. Read an excerpt of his speech.

    Al Gore's Earth Day Speech

    On April 22, 2002, Former Vice President Al Gore delivered a speech discussing Earth Day at Vanderbilt University. He discussed the importance of America changing its environmental policy. You might also read the text of his Nobel acceptance speech.


    Earth Day Activities

    After reading about the importance of protecting the environment, allow your students to apply their newfound knowledge with hands-on activities.


    Save-the-Earth Activities

    Celebrate Earth Day in your classroom by utilizing this Scholastic printable, which includes multiple activities. These activities can be carried on within the school or outside the school in the community.

    Celebrate Earth Day With Scholastic

    The Celebrate Earth Day page on Scholastic’s Web site provides a multitude of resources for students and teachers, including printable resources, lesson plans, and a virtual forest game.

    Earth Day Lessons for SMART Boards

    Scholastic’s resources for SMART Boards provide teachers and students an interactive way to learn about Earth Day and the environment. The page also provides up to 350 questions for SMART’s Senteo.

    Links to Earth Day Resources

    Continue the learning—and discover ways to take action—with these online resources.


    PBS World in the Balance

    World in the Balance is a PBS NOVA Web site that provides a variety of resources for teaching about Earth Day.

    Earth Day Network Website

    The Earth Day Network site provides a brief history of Earth Day and offers opportunities for people to get involved in the environmental movement.

    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Web Site

    The EPA Web site allows users to learn, share, and commit to taking action. The site also provides podcasts that teach “green” tips.

    Earth Day Organizer’s Guide

    Learn how to organize events in your community with The Earth Day Organizer’s Guide.

    How will you celebrate Earth Day in your classroom this year?


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