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September 17, 2014 Step-by-Step: Create Your Own Teacher Tool Kit By Genia Connell
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

    After a thorough spring cleaning last year, I realized I was approaching hoarder status with enough paper clips and sticky notes to last me to retirement. Because these items had slowly migrated to the back of dark cupboards, drawers, and shelves, I didn’t know they were there, so I just kept ordering more each year. This summer I saw the solution to my problem of hidden supplies on Pinterest — a teacher tool kit!

    Designing colored labels for the tool kit was so much fun, that once I got started, I created one for a friend. It's two weeks into the school year, and we both LOVE our tool kits! My most frequently used supplies are at my fingertips, and my third graders can easily access what they need as well.

    This week I put together a quick tutorial so all teachers can make their very own handy, inexpensive tool kit! Watch the video below for step-by-step directions, plus a few tips and tricks to help make your own.


    Steps At-a-Glance

    1. Purchase a toolbox. To search for prices online, use the search terms “Stack-on 22 drawer storage cabinet.” Right now, Google Shopping shows the exact same cabinet being priced anywhere from $14 to $129.99 (seriously??) I was lucky enough to find mine on sale for $13 this summer, including free shipping.

    Create your own teacher toolkit

    2. Create the drawer labels. The easiest thing you can do is print the labels I created! If you want to make your own labels, use my template below. Add your own background and descriptors of what is in each drawer.

    3. Print and cut out the labels. My labels were printed on cardstock which is sturdier.

    4. Attach the labels to the drawers. I used double-sided tape from the dollar store and attached my labels to the outside of the drawer.

    5. Fill those drawers!

    chevron teacher toolkit



    Print My Labels (or Make Your Own!)

    Click on any image below to download and print cards for your own tool kit.

    Blue and Purple Chevron Labels



    Rainbow Tool Kit

    rainbow teacher toolkit


    Rainbow Labels 


    Black and White Polka Dot Teacher Tool Kit

    black and white polka dot teacher toolbox


    Black and White Polka Dot with Red Chevron Labels

    printable labels for teacher toolkit 

    Make Your Own Template

    Click on the image below for a template you can use to create your own labels. Insert your favorite background into the table along with a text box where you can write what's inside the drawer. 


    Have fun creating your teacher tool kit! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you!

    For more tips and ideas to use in your classroom follow me on Pinterest and Twitter




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